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  1. Time for some Updates .... Exterieur : - TTE Frontlippe - TTE Seitenschweller - TTE Heckspoiler - TRD SportsLine Heckdiffusor - TRD SportsLine Batches - Dipe´d Frontgrill - Scheibentönung hinten Folie - Scheibentönung vorne Coating Rad / Reifen : - TenzoR DC5 8x18 - Hankook S1 Evo 215/40/18 - D1 Spec Nuts Bremse : - EBC Pads - Tarox Road Race Flüssigkeit - Tarox F2000 Scheiben - Dixcel Thermo Strips - BF Stahlflex ( kommt demnächst ) Fahrwerk : - Tein Master Control Flex Gewinde - Tein EDFC ( EDFC Active Upgrade kommt demnächst ) - H&R 20mm Platten HA - OMP Domstrebe HA - OMP Domstrebe VA - Cusco Sway Bar HA - Cusco AntiRoll Bar VA - Cusco Strut Brace VA - Spoon Rigid Collar Kit VA - Spoon Rigid Collar Kit HA Exhaust : - Nix Torpedo - Varex X-Force Klappen - ESD Interieur : - TRD Shifter - EcpliseTech seq. Rev Light - Tein EDFC Unit
  2. BF Goodrich has a kit available. I need the company only 1 - 2 data indicate the alignment and then we get an item number
  3. New arrival since a couple of days .... TRD Duracon
  4. I´ve send an Email to my Brake shop , they will tell me the next days if there are BF Lines , Tarox or any other fabricator I´ll keep you up 2 date of course ^_^ Here is my shop :
  5. The next Days i´ll send an Email von AT-RS , one big german brake shop ...... Then I´ll see what they say ....
  6. The only available Pad in Germany is the EBC Green Stuff Pad. If I would take the Remsa Pads all around ... would it be the better choice ? Discs at Front and Rear will be Tarox F2000 with Tarox Road Race Fluid and BF Brake Lines
  7. Thx Speedy :) I´ve send an Email to Demon Tweeks. There is also an Email from Toyota Germany. I asked them if the Auris Brake Pads are mounted also on another toyota Model. I´m surprised what they say .......
  8. Do you have a Link to a shop for some Black Diamond Pads ? The important thing is , that my Auris Facelift is produced in GB , NOT ! in JP Brake Pads for the JP Model have a difference to GB Models !!
  9. Ok , I think Remsa Pads won´t fit. My car was build in GB and these are other Pads which I need . At the moment there are only EBC GreenStuff Pads for my car :nono:
  10. Yesterday I was searching for some Remsa Pads in their Webshop but I didn´t find anything. Do you have an Article Number for me ? Is your car build in JP oder Great Britain ? My Car was build in GB and that´s the reason why I need Brake Pads in this Form : Some Links for QFM Pads Guys ? and by the way article Numbers
  11. I´m gettin crazy the next time because we don´t find any good Brake Pads :nono: Emails to RHD , Nengun , Fensport have been send but we dont find anything on the Market . We have found everything I need , Tarox F2000 Motorsport Brake Discs , Tarox Brake Liquid , Tarox Brake Lines but there are no good Brake Pads ? Guys please help me. Do you know any good Pads for the ZRE ? I dont wanna buy this crappy OEM **** and also No EBC Green Stuff Pads :unsure: my OEM Part Numbers are : - Front Brake Pad : 04465 - 02370 - Rear Brake Pad : 04466 - 02170 Thanks a lot ....
  12. I´m the owner of 2 Wiechers Bars but they don´t have the Stabilizer Bar for the Auris ;) This is what I mean ... the FRONT Sway Bar .....