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  1. Up for sale: originally fitted on 2007 Aurion 1. Left and Right Headlight protectors 2. Bonnet Protector 3. Right hand side mirror housing, without Mirror and outside painted panel. 4. Front Left and Right mud flaps, with screws. Location: Melbourne Pm for information.
  2. No idea buddy, haven't bothered to consider that as of yet, still need to find the TRD rims. Don't even know how much the Kappas go for to be honest. :) However I've already got someone else on the side lines who's interested in them.
  3. This has been happening to my 07 aurion at 130km countless times, But for me it only happens on warm starts, say i leave the car for 40mins - 1hr then start it and it makes a terrible rattle noise, Been trying to record it for a while but ofcourse it never happens when my phones out, must be shy or something. Did get my mechanic to look over it and he mention that its due to the oil being warm and naturally thinner then when cold and not coating the engine when you go to start it up, so takes those initial rattles for the oil to circulate. Tried some dofferent things and still have the rattle.
  4. If I spot any TRD rims on anywhere (ebay etc) I'll let you know. If not I'll take them for myself, lol jokes :).Be sure to message me as soon as you find them :D
  5. Haha, If only the pipes didn't hang so low, with a car load i'm already forced to swerve around speed humps.
  6. What do you think guys, sitting low enough lol?? Because of exams the car has sadly been that dirty for a while. -.-
  7. Hey Harlo, I bought the car with them already fitted, also with the Presara GPS :) guy I bought the car off works at Toyota lol..cant complain with that. Well if i can find a set of TrD rims, my kappa set will be up for sale, tyres have recently been replaced also, so keep having a look at the forums. The TRD rims are just a Bi**h to find.
  8. Good to hear, thanks mate. Those rims really suit btw, never thought about using rims from other models to be honest :)
  9. Hey guys, So i have a Aurion At-x that is lowered with king springs and has 18" Kappa rims. And looking at getting a set of 19" TRD rims simply because i have seen it done before and i had no words to describe how good it looked :) Has anyone done this before? would i have any problems with the tyres rubbing? Cheers!
  10. So i've been on the hunt for a set of gunmetal grey TRD rims for a while now and have had no luck. Does anyone know of someone who is interested in selling or know where i can get a pair? I will also then be looking at selling my 18" Kappa rims that i currently have on my Aurion. Cheers!
  11. Welcome Chad, Yer would love to see the Ride, Enjoy mate!
  12. Welcome Rigga, Enjoy mate!
  13. Yellah habbib..Saudii in Audii..Love it :P
  14. Bet yah Audi sponsored the first part of that act :P
  15. I think where getting some more people now cause a few quit, 2500 applied 120 got the job... apply again if you want mate, pretty good place to work. nahh im good getting $20 an hour, in a call centre doing nothing ;] gotta love that lol
  16. Thx mate, but bloody hell you got a good looking ride mate, wouldnt wanna annoy you on the road :P
  17. I think where getting some more people now cause a few quit, 2500 applied 120 got the job... apply again if you want mate, pretty good place to work.
  18. Hey, My dad has a 2007 Aurion Presara, and when he start the car up it always makes this weird clicking noise for a few seconds, dont know if anyone did this when they where younger but...i once put a piece of cardboard on my bike so it sits in the tyre rim, it makes this noise that once you get faster sounds like a car (only works when your 8 years old :P) but that noise is similar to the noise his car makes :S any ides? Cheers. P.S (I tried my best to describe the noise :P)
  19. As far as I know the $30 eBay ones are just covers that just stick on over your existing handles, and look a bit tacky. You want the ones that replace your existing handles. I think they can also be found on eBay sometimes for around $100. You could buy the genuine Presara ones, but they'll have holes for the Smart Entry buttons on the front handles. Oww i didnt know they where just stick on, yer its wouldnt look the best, My Bad
  20. Ill keep an eye out for you! im sure i wont miss those stealthy looking headlights mate!
  21. Yep live in Taylors Hill, i drive through Caroline Springs Boulevard nearly everyday going to work and Uni(i hate that road so much mate -.- takes me 30 mins from kings road to the end to go to work at the new Bunnings there :P) is your third picture in your signature in the underground carpark in Watergardens?
  22. Hey mate, Ive got king springs on mine, if you go have a look at it in the show your ride part (forgot the actual name of that thread :s) if you want i can put up a picture of my car sitting next to my old mans presara so you can see the difference? Lowers it buy a few inches, its not drastically lowered but it makes a clear difference, i also got 18" rims so it looks real nice. The ride is much better and the comfort is still very good, although it does make a wierd sound going over speed bumps and going up driveways, sounds like the springs are compressing or something :s if anyone knows what that is and what needs to be done to avoid it plz share! But that noise is something you can live with for a lowered aurion mate ;) Hope that helped! Ali.