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  1. Sooo sold the rukus on the weekend....
  2. Well the stereo you have is neither a build 1 2 or 3, So we dont get that specific stereo over here...
  3. hey dude, Yeah it can be done, I personal know someone who has done it. was alot of work though... ill see if I can get him to jump on here and explain in detail a bit more.. but basicly you will need front bar, fenders, headlights, grill, bonnet, rear bar and the mouning hardware... was thinking of doing the conversion myself but the cost of getting a whole front end over here is huge... all the best with it though and ill see if I can get Will to jump on here to explain more... Regards Chris
  4. wow havn't been on here for months still looks dead... who is everyone
  5. Heres a link to a scion tc i can only imagine ours will be the same seeing as we have the same brakes
  6. What seams to be wrong with it?
  7. Will need to organize something for when i get back
  8. So finally pulled the air suspension outta the toaster last weekend... It feels so weird driving on lowered springs again.... Also pulled the entire stereo out... Now I need to wire all the factory speakers/sub back in....
  9. its been a few years since ive had my factory head unit in so cant help you with that but in replacing the whole unit fairly simple task.... just make sure you get the toyota bunny ears to cover the wider prats of the unit (slightly bigger then double din)... if you where in VIC i would of came round to help you out.... heres a link to a NSxB post that will show you the way... click the pdf link in post 2 then on the pdf page number 6
  10. yeah batteries about 3-4 years as cyrpt said.... if having trouble esp with the drivers door always try to open with your right hand it just seams to work better that way for me anyway... keyfob batteries what ever you do dont go OEM toyota they are about $50 from spare parts and it is just a round flat battery not sure on the number but pop one open and head to ***** smith... or ebay if you have time to wait for them... oh congrats on the purchasae...