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  1. I did the replacement myself but I bought the parts from toyota. Wondering if they do reimbursement. If you can send over that recall number please. Thanks
  2. Not sure about aurions. But i think kluger's 2GRFEs before 2011 models are not.
  3. I just read from that US forum. Looks like Toyota Canada step up their game of changing them to all metal oil cooler line. I havent heared anything from Australia.
  4. It is only when rpm is somewhere 1200 down to 1000 regardless winter or summer.
  5. If the vibration somewhere around 1000rpm, I think its one of those things you consider as normal when the engine or transmission is warming up. I have this in my kluger since I bought her. I also noticed this vibration when I test drove 3 other klugers before. 5 years driver her didnt notice vibration getting worst.
  6. Hi there. Just wondering if you still have that tool you specially made for your fuel filter. I got a second gen kluger. I really think they have same size platic cover. I am from brisbane by the way and would like to borrow your tool if its OK for you.
  7. I think I saw a post from aurion forum that he had some fuel regulator issue after changing fuel filter. Would be interested to know about this intank fuel filter change.
  8. 2nd Gen engines 2GR-FE are using timing chains.
  9. I actually read it as well from US forum. I checked mine it and yes that rubber hose line was there near the oil filter connected to the oil cooler and to the block. I decided to change it myself. Just don't want to take chance or wait for it to do engine damage. Bought the metal part and gaskets for $210 and spent 2.5hrs changing it.
  10. Kluger MY 2008-2011. Beware that oil cooler of our vehicle has that rubber type of lines. This could lead to massive oil leak if ruptured. It may be strong by design. But rubber vs metal? I will get mine replaced with metal.
  11. 100,000 kms on my altitude Serpentine belt changed at 90,000kms Still runs like new. Will going to change the plugs, and in-tank fuel filter in coming weeks.
  12. Listen closely to the transaxle when you test drive. Transmission whinning around 60-70k and at 100-110k speed apparently is common issue of kluger. Mine had it but was fixed under warranty. I think it something to do with how kluger's final drive gear. If the odo is close to 80,000km, make sure you get them to change the in-tank fuel filter as they expensively charge this service. You would not probably get a 2012 kluger with 80,000km on the road but just in case you settle on older yr model. Check also if vvti oil line is already the metal/steel type. 2012 onward built kluger, i think is al
  13. Thanks trent. I just checked the cost of rebonding it back to spec of 2.5mm. It is around 50% cheaper than buying them from Toyota. I don't know of what the friction material need to be used at least. Ceramic or semi-metallic? I am guessing ceramic. Any ideas guys?
  14. Just wondering if anyone here got their paking brake shoes rebonded? I took mine off today and measured only about 1mm left. Any issues with paking brake shoes being rebonded?
  15. bisdake


    there is a hole on the rotor/disc.you need to rotate and align that hole to the adjusting screw.as far as i remembr,it is located at the bottom part.

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