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  1. I'm in Bris.... Might check out Harru's... May swing by before heading home.
  2. GDUBB

    Chris' SX6

    Where are they getting sent from? If from anywhere near Brisbane, I can help you sort it if you need it.
  3. GDUBB

    Chris' SX6

    sorry, the old double post thing happened
  4. Wow, that is quite a compliment. Big call though. Cheers mate, seriously.
  5. Epic fail on the trip to Vic. I couldn't find a travel mate and now I got my kids Sunday and Monday. I'm spewin, believe me.
  6. They are flush... the camber is the only reason they clear. I need to get some proper photos
  7. .... by request of many, now with more "low"
  8. Have no fear! Guards get rolled on Thursday. Coilovers next week....
  9. Well people.... DUBBED out black roof JDM Crown Athlete Badges Staggered Stance
  10. Count me in still.... But I wouldn't mind sharing the road with some other Queenslanders. Who should I contact? Who is from QLD that is going? PM me
  11. Back to 20"s after weekend eBay steal! Photos tomoro