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  1. as soon as it starts to rain i can hear some bogan commy trying to "drift" "skid" sickkkkkk as brooo

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      u should join him ;)

  2. loving having a computer that actually works

  3. Oh my gawd! indie from home and away be my wife! :D

  4. Solid 13 hours of sleep... ****** where did my Saturday night go?! :(

    1. juvenile


      wow, you won't need to sleep till Tues now ;)

  5. Speed camera on the M1 just before Coomera exit

  6. Springfield united got robbed again, seriously wtf 4300?

  7. Love chopping up 5L v8s :P

    1. Andrew357


      When you are asleep?

  8. Fooking useless truck drivers! Almost got ran off the highway cause the stupid ***** swerved into my lane!!! Drive safe everyone and have a safe Easter :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CROCO


      Thanks mate.

      You can tell its that time of the year again, the dingbats are on the road, I had a close call today, some f,wit didnt give away at a roundabout, I blasted my horn and the ******* looked at me like there was nothing wrong.

      But on a lighter note ,have a happy easter evevyone, stay safe and drive safe

    3. Andrew357
    4. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      yeah traffic was bad in melbourne today. lots of idiots on the road thinking they own it.

  9. Who wants to come wash my car hehe :)

  10. Got trolled so hard, someone come cuddle me to bed? Haha

  11. And the winners for best troll of 2012 goes to

  12. Rbt/defect station across the rs from shell at blunder rd!

  13. im guessing ur talking about the one in my avatar pic, n yeah those wheels are hot as ****** 2 bad hes selling up
  14. Red commodore that ran away from the cops on old Logan rd the cops are talking about you on the police channel lol ruthless guy

    1. Noodlez


      a commodore?? trust :P

  15. Tradesman says starts at 6 today, n decides to change his mind later on to start at 7 cheers for telling me ya dawgggg

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      tradies? pfft they always do that. esp when they work for themselves, remember not to pay them until ur happy with the job