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  1. Thanks for your help. I live in Mel city touch ups ? like how big are the scratches ? a cut and polish should get them off if they aint too deep, with your spoiler, its no hassle in you taking it off, just remove the boot lining and there should be bolts underneath, the only problem you will have is the holes. If you get it professionally done, that means they have to cover up the holes and respray the boot, where abouts are you in VIC ? he's already got 5 stars ;) :P :D
  2. thanks man. btw, have you checked with the insurance company about this? will it have any affect to claim due to this change?
  3. Hi guys, Need your help again. I own a toyota aurion touring in melbourne. Now I want to takethe rear spoiler off, do you guys know where I can get it done? Can I bring to the dealer and ask them to do it for me, or do I need to go to somewhere else? How much approximately including cover the holes on the rear hood? If I take it off by myself, if anything's wrong, is it under warranty? And another question is about touch ups. I got some serious scratches on both front and rear bumpers, where I can get it fixed or have touch ups? Are they expensive? Many Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I got a silly question again. As I said yesterday, my tyre got a nail in it. Some good fellows in this forum suggested me to go to a tyre shop. So i'm thinking a stupid option. How about I use my spare tyre as my regular tyre to drive everyday, and use my old tyre as my spare tyre when the hole is plugged? Does it work? I'm thinking in this case, I can drive with the good new tyre everyday, although it used to be a spare tyre, haha. What do you think?
  5. Thanks guys, for the quick replies
  6. I got a nail in my left back tyre last night when I drove home. The tyre hasn't broke, but when I'm driving, it will make strange sound as the nail touches the ground. And I can feel it in the car. So can I just take the nail out? Or just leave it in the tyre and drive it to the service centre and ask them to check it? Thanks a lot. And BTW, do you guys have any suggestions that which toyota service centre is the best to recommand? Price is not an issue, but I need a comparative good service job. I'm in Melbourne. Cheers.
  7. Hi guys, I live in Melbourne. Just wondering where can I upgrade my aurion's headlight bulbs into those bright white ones? I dont know what are they called. They looks like white led lights. U can often see cars with them in the street. I drove my friend's mini last week, and he got those bright headlights. I found them very useful and looks cool. Any place in Mel sell them? How much normally? And suggestion for cheap places? And my last question, which is also the most important question is, will they have any legal issues? Coz I don't want to be pulled over by the police and get fined. I already got no points until next year... Thanks very much for your answers.
  8. I got an aurion touring 2010 se. I heard someone said the Honda euro is better. Is that right? And how about Falcon? I always think the hood and doors for aurion is not thick enough. I'm a bit worry about the safety issues. Coz someone said Japanese cars are not as safe as American cars as well as european cars. What do you think? I did check the data for Falcon, and it is actually heavier than aurion, so is it because of the thicker frame?