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  1. hi, i just got a 2007 aurion. no book. just service book :( i dont even know the features fully on my car as the tight asses didnt give me the ayurion book :( what engine oil do i use? id like to buy a good oil and take it to the mechanics like that.. i heard penrite is the best one? but which grade oil? thankyou
  2. Welcome to the club. First, a silly question: You mentioned that you like the power of the Aurion. Is it possible you are crapping your self a lil everytime you put your foot down? Second, a real question: Are the vents open? I never have my vents open but when I occasionally do I find it smells really bad. lmao. no def not doin that. the sulphur smell started after i put a fuel injector cleaner. whenever i step on it to overtake etc. its really annoying. i called toyota and they said its cvommon. its disgusting. i just wanna get rid of it. it just started when i got it.. not once from adel
  3. hi, i just got a aurion sx6, the 1st few days i had it it flew and went so good. i got abit excited and sortve stepped on it whenever i could the first 3 days as i had a vx on gas b4 and this was a big difrence in power for me. recently, whenever i step on it, not even much, like when i overtake on lights etc, a ugly gassy smell comes out. the engine bay doesnt seem to smell at all. the exhaust smells. as what they say like a egg fart. (so ive been told) anyway, it only happens when i take off fast to oevrtake other cars. i dont speed. i was just excited the 1st 2-3 days. testing the car out a

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