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  1. Hmm, no. Mine sits quite sturdy in the dash. the bottom of the facia clips into the A/C unit. There are 2 clips either side of the fascia which clips into the dash, the top of the fascia has channels which hooks into the top A/C vents, this prevents any movement.
  2. Hey mate, sorry for the late response, but to answer your question, No. The only thing that holds the facia in place is the clips on the bottom which clips into the AC unit, and the clips on the side which goes into the dash. *This is also the case for the factory fascia. Let me know if you need more info on this.
  3. Might I also add that the new 86 is actually a pretty good looking car in modern standards? It's what Toyota should be aiming for with all their cars...
  4. I can't speak for everyone but I don't think most people buy Toyota for their look or for the fun driving experience (or lack there of), people buy Toyota for their reliability and low cost of maintenance... perfect for fleet cars and most Australian families! But it seems the reliability and low cost of maintenance comes with a price... they look terrible! I for one bought the Camry Hybrid not because of it's looks or for the thrill of driving it... I bought it for the above reasons... But if I had a disposable income and could just buy a new car every 3 years without worrying about raising f
  5. Fair enough, I guess soul wasn't the correct word here. But at least they are headed in the right direction in my book :) In other news, I just realised their current model Avalon is very close to our new Aurion, with the exception that they kept most of the tail light from the face lifted Aurion Gen 1, that and the body is shaped more like a saloon with a slightly different front end? Same motor under the hood too.
  6. Seriously? Look at the Camry and Aurion! They look mostly like box on wheels, those tyres looks way to small for the car (profile of the car makes them look out of place)... And the tail lights looks like they are just borrowed from some random cars and bolted on... Not to mention the sportivo pretty much looks like a supersized Subaru... This on the other hand, has a nice profile on par with modern luxury sedans, and the tail lights still looks copied... sure, but at lease they borrowed the idea from Jaguar! It has a nice sporty look with nice curves and appropriately profiled
  7. Why doesn't the new Aurion look like this??? Toyota have traditionally taken the conservative approach with the design of their cars. The latest Camry and Aurion simply look... well, boring (some might call it ugly). But this gives me hope! http://www.toyota.co...alonexperience/
  8. Hey guys, I recently installed a JVC KW-AV60BT in my 2011 Camry Hybrid. The installation was easy however, gathering all the correct information was difficult. So in the interest of future upgraders, I figured i'd dump all the information I found useful here. Factory Head Unit: Fujitsu Ten 86120-YY130-D Model: FT0015A JVC KW-AV60BT: There's a good write up of the unit here: http://www.crutchfie...-KW-AV60BT.html Steering Wheel Control Integration: To maintain the factory steering wheel control, I chose Axxess Interface's ASWC: http://www.axxessint...ontrol_new.aspx instructions on i
  9. For anyone that's looking to install an aftermarket head unit, I installed a JVC over the weekend and it's working fine. My 2011 camry hybrid had the same head unit as pictured by Tchau above. The pin configuration provided by Peter Yeh is correct. The stock head unit outputs 6v to power the reverse camera when you put the stick in reverse. So you need to make a voltage converter and hook it up to a 12V power source to maintain your reverse camera when you go to an aftermarket unit. Go to the link below for a simple instruction on how you can make a voltage converter (12v to 6v) with about 5 b
  10. On my satnav head unit it doesn't support Bluetooth Stereo, I'll be surprised if the non-sat nav head unit do. The non-sat nav version does stream BT audio :)
  11. Trying to utilise existing post and not start a new topic seeing as it's all related to Bluetooth. Can someone tell me if the none sat nav head unit in Camry Hybrid display Bluetooth metadata? IE. When I play music through Bluetooth, does it display album and song info like it does in iPod integration mode?
  12. I'm averaging 5.8l/100km over about 44km a day. The trip consists of 20km city and 24km highway. Pretty good in my book.
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