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  1. tnx Alan! legend... yes the primary on rear passenger door sill is missing unfortunately
  2. Hi all! Looking at an 07 Aurion on which one of the plates seems to be missing... I see a sticker on the front passenger side B pillar/sill but there is none on the rear sill? Shouldn't there be another plate with a correspondance/approval no of some sort? Should there be two plates on an Aurion or just the one? Why make them out of stickers couldn't someone just pull it off? Thanks
  3. Hey there, Got a ATX here with Presara interior like leather seats wood grain sat nav etc but the steering wheel volume controls aren't working? any idea why this could be? thanks for your help
  4. Hi there, Is it any easier to remove a shaft like this (has 6 bolts after the inner boot): as opposed to a shaft that actually goes all the way to transmission housing? whats the difference if it has ABS... is removal/installation any different? Thanks
  5. That's what I suspected at first.... but no it's not that either :\
  6. Sort of rubbing noise... not only on cornering ...comes on straights as well.... I replaced the driver's side driveshaft suspecting that it was the inner CV .... could be the other side perhaps?No heavy modifications.... just a set of alloy wheels R15.... standard suspension
  7. Hey there, I have this rubbing sort of sound coming from the driver's side on my Corolla 96 (AE102) that comes anywhere from 10kmph to 50kmph . Pretty sure it was the inner CV boot that was playing up. Anyhow I replaced the whole driveshaft on the driver's side but the noise still persists? Should I replace the other side too or could I have missed something while I replaced the driver's side? Tightening? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply bud. Will something like this do the job?http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300798136275
  9. Hello there, Just trying to remove my hub nut as I'm planning to replace my driveshaft on this 96 Corolla (AE102). I'm not sure which socket to buy for the hub nut? Are hub nuts relatively the same on most Corollas or? I measured it and it was around 30mm from what I could remember Thanks for your help Camrolla
  10. Hey there, Will an Auto Diesel Hilux ECU work in an Auto Diesel Prado (150 Series)? Both run on the D4-D 1KD-FTV 3.0l Turbo Diesel Engine Same compression ratios Hilux uses 4 speed automatic Whereas Prado uses 5 speed automatic The wiring harness would be different too I imagine? Camrolla

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