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  1. Thanks for the feedback, sounds like it might be worth having a panel beater quote for the repair before i decide whether to DIY or Claim...
  2. Hi Guys, new to the forum but been lurking since i bought my 08 Presara 6 months ago. I've tried searching but wasnt sure whether to post a new topic or add a reply to an old one. I apologise if this is bad form. Anyway. Had the misfortune of nudging the back of a car with a tow bar just enough that the cars didnt actually touch other than the tow bar punched a hole a bit bigger than a 50c piece through my front bumper 6 inches to the right of the number plate. I have the option of claiming through my insurance and paying a $500 excess, but after reading through this forum i would like to have a go at it myself. I would like to ask the assembled great minds here if this is realistic. I would like to avoid having to put a claim through so i can avoid my insurance premiums going up, but if its going to cost me significantly more than the excess i might not bother. I havent had any experience working on cars but am otherwise generally 'handy' (replacing stock HU with a CarPc, will post photos when completed) and i have all the common non-automotive tools. In my head i am imagining ordering the replacement bumper, having it sprayed to match my colour, removing the current bumper by undoing a bunch of bolts, disconnecting parking sensors, putting the new bumper on, attaching the bolts, reconnecting the wires for the parking sensors, beer and post photos. Im picturing this process taking 4-5 hours and being completed in an afternoon (after recieving and having the bumper sprayed of course) So Im sure that im missing a bunch of things, budgeting ~$250 for the bumper and ~$300 for the spraying. Is this realistic? Are there any other brackets or parts i will need? any specialised tools other than sockets/spanners? does the bumper have any connections to the airbags that i need to worry about? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!! - User123