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  1. chances are its your oil pressure sensor. if your engine is only revving to 7k rpm, its the little plug next to your lift solenoid. costs like 16$ for a relacement, try that should fix it. otherwise probs low oil.
  2. could be a few reasons but if your car isnt revving past 7k rpm, most likely its something to do with your lift engagement, check your oil level, check your OCV screen for dirt, replace the oil pressure sensor ($18) next to the lift solenoid, could even be that the oil sensor plug isnt plugged in...
  3. I have a PFC + handcontroller for sale, I can make you a wiring harness but it will be extra...
  4. Apexi powerfc + harness will cost u around 800+400 = $1,200 include a tune may set you back another $750 Best bang for buck ECU would be a camcon, you can pick one up for between 300-350$ wire it in yourself, and adjust your tune according to someone else's powerFC tune map. I believe someone has posted up a stock VVT map so you just adjust the camcon for the difference, it can also add and subtract fuel to get your fuel trims nice and level but you dont need to do that as the main gains will be from the cam adjustments. the Camcon does only run on a 2dimensional map so it doesnt account for part throttle position but you can tune out your mid and top end which is when you floor the accelerator anyway. its not like you drive at 5-8k rpm at part throttle anyway... Only problem is that they are hard to find and people will try to sell them for a higher price
  5. I concurr with the aftermarket flywheel comment, Im running the chromoly lightweight flywheel and between 2500 - 3000 rpm it mades a shuddering sometimes. Just get a Sports organic clutch over a HD clutch with a heavy duty pressure plate. no big difference but the pedal feel is alot stiffer with a heavy duty pressure plate. I broke the clutch spring in my exedy HD clutch. the gearbox is now running smurf blood....smooth as.
  6. Im just keen to find out who does 2zzge engine refreshes in Syd if say I wanted to get the valve train built or new block. Further, Im keen to find out who does custom fabrication in Syd if I wanted to get a new plenum built and welded up
  7. Yeah sounds like something is up with ur engine or your just driving around with a full load all day
  8. need to know the specs...of it before i can buy, if this is only 2.5" or 2.75" then why would I even get it
  9. where did u get urengine work done? im in parra, just up the street
  10. are you able to tell me the diameter of the CAI at each end of the CAI and also the diameter at the MAF bung?
  11. Lol, I was considering boosting, but just need to find a kit, did u have to do any internal engine work? and did u have to do get it engineered? gladesville is pretty close, wouldnt mind meeting up to check out your car sometime
  12. Have you actually got that fitted? if so let me know where u got it done and how did u have to remap the ECU to mafless, Im trying to find a corolla plenum as it has the joint so u can separate the runners from the plenum.
  13. guys summer is here and wondering if coolings gonna be an issue , wondering if anyone is running uprated radiators for the sportivos, standard core is 16mm, got my eye on a 24mm any issueswith running a thicker core radiator?