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  1. Cheers, will have a close look. Much appreciated.
  2. Yep - they are the correct part numbers for the LHS and RHS lamp units without the bulbs. Just have to find a friendly Toyota dealer who wants to clear stock. Seriously, I am sure the same unit must be used on another Toyota vehicle. Back to the drawing board.
  3. Here is what I have found. Can anyone from Toyota Australia Parts help please? Cheers, David
  4. Unfortunately no luck. I have a 2004 Avalon GXi Mk3 but the dealers want the VIN of the Grande which doesn't help me. Can anyone help please with the part numbers? Cheers, David
  5. Hey can anyone help please? I am trying to locate a set of 2005 Toyota Avalon Grande fog lights, hopefully with brackets, as seen in the attached Toyota picture. Tried the wrecking yards without success. Please contact me if you can help. Alternatively, with the limited number of Avalon MK3 Grande's produced, I am sure that Toyota sourced these fog lights from it's parts bin. I wonder which model they came from?? Any ideas? Thanks in advance, David Carlingford NSW 2118
  6. Only works with the aircon turned on.
  7. The switch directs cold air to the driver only, even if you have the heater on. Great on long trips to help you stay awake. Cheers Dave Carlingford NSW
  8. Can't wait to see the turbo option. The Toyota 3 litre motor is a gem, and already has quad cams. Cheers Dave
  9. avalon


    Please see the attached pic. These are genuine Avalon Grande foglights. Are these the same as any other Toyota model? Desperately after a set. Thanks Dave
  10. I disagree, but respect your opinion. Let's hear what other Avalon owners have got to say? Ciao Dave
  11. Toyota GTP wheels Found a nice set of four 16x7 Toyota GTP rims and tyres. Very happy. Thanks everyone. Dave -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------