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  1. WOW!! Very intersting. I will be calling my local toyota dealer about this. and get it sorted. Thanks alot.
  2. Sorry if this is a slight hijack, but i am having a similar problem in my 2007 presara. Only the leak is coming from the sun visor above the driver where the elbow goes into the roof. Sometimes it leaks and then doesn't for a while and then all of sudden if its raining hard it leaks again. I've been told the sunroof drain runs across from the sunroof and then down the front pillar next to the windscreen and that its probably blocked. I have no damp or water stains on the roof lining yet but don't want to risk it getting worse (although summers nearly here anyway
  3. Hey, I've done a search and didn't find what info i was looking for so sorry if this is reposted. I went to Toyota the other day and asked about the latest Navigation map dvd and when he said the price my jaw dropped. I have a 2007 Presara and want to update the maps to something more recent as I live around alot of new estates and freeway extensions that arn't present on the 2007 maps. Is there a cheaper place to get the DVD maps than Toyota? The $380 is incredibly excessive. I may aswell buy a really good navman or tom tom at that price. Thanks in advance.
  4. Wow. That looks really great. What was the cost of paint and did you fit it yourself? Great job.
  5. Agreed, I have factory HID's and they are quite bright but the high beams light up heaps more. Work well.
  6. I dont like that the indicator is as big as the headlights. Also no active headlight support <_<
  7. I was umming and arr-ing over the mars performance ones for ages. But having a Presara I couldn't comprehend loosing the active headlights just for a look. Plus from what i can see in the pics for the mars performance ones is a headlight on the left and a big ***** indicator on the right that would look silly IMO
  8. Its no biggy as im sure it can be fabrictaed here. Do you know the quality? Im just sceptical i guess as i've bought cheap before and had nightmares with fit and paint adhesion.
  9. I would be very interested if you can show more pics. Whats the back lip like. is it the one from the bottom right pic? Does it have dual exhaust cutouts or single?
  10. whilst were on the topic of lights and HIDS. I am to believe the Presara has factory HID xenons? Does this mean i have HID lights and if I want to get a blue/white brighter colour i can just change the bulb. AT the moment it looks like a 4300k (i think).
  11. hey, I've done a search on this but can't find anything specific to the presara and I think it will make a difference. Im in WA and am planning on removing the headlights and sending them to Autojoy to have LED angel eyes installed. From what I gather I need to remove the front bumper to get the headlights out. Now the Presara has front sensors aswell as headlight washers built into the bumper. Does anyone know if these are gonna cause me grieve getting the bumper off? Is it possible at all to remove the headlights without completly taking the bumper off? Cheers for any advice.
  12. Even if you had a 2011 Presara, you still wouldn't get streaming audio, but you would get an Aux input. My ZR doesn't have streaming audio, but it does have the Aux input (not that I use it! 170 mp3 tracks on each of 4 CDs is enough. Yeah, I tend to agree as i have made up 4 cds its heaps of music. Would have been nice to be able play music of the phone though.
  13. Cool thanks. Seems the AUX input mod won't work on my unit as the presara has the GPS SAT NAV and doesn't seem like ppl are getting it to work on these. Don't really wanna replace the headunit as the factroy sat nav one is rather nice. May have to except defeat on this one.
  14. In all honesty, out off all the cars being Straight6, V6, V8 and 4cylTurbo I've owned...........I miss the 180sx the most. They are the funnest cars to drive. Very fast and awesome handling. Heaps of power when you want it or just a good cruiser when you dont. The one I had was 260KW. Thats alot of power for a small coupe. Parts are extremely easy to get as there are so many aftermarket parts. Your only problem will be finding a genuinely low KM car that hasn't been thrashed. In saying that though the SR20det can take a hell of a beating. If it wasn't for the fact i have a daughter, I would have got another one.