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  1. there on ebay man i bought a remote key cover + it came with a battery
  2. Is that where you get the 14mm spanner and change the length of the clutch pedal? if so i tried that and it did nothing
  3. Nulon easy shift fully synthetic ($30 a bottle) 75-90
  4. I always wondered why i crunched going into gears while in lift , it wasnt all the time but 50% of the time, i rang a couple of gearbox guys and they said it was the synchros , and then another guy said it was the way you drive, but tonight was the first time i ever downshifted into high RPM (6500-8000) and it crunched every single time. So i am pretty sure my gearbox synchros are gone, mind you this was downshifting into 2nd, didnt try 3rd or 1st, and to be honest i dont really want to, i dont often drive my car hard. Anyways What would be worth doing to the box? Rebuild, replace? + places to take it to? If so how much would it cost roughly and yeah any other info, thankyou :)
  5. hey mate they were on ebay just type in zze122 and look through it all :)

  6. hi mate i just wondering where did you get those slimline weathershield from can u linked me up cheers

  7. the power steering fluid flush did nothing what could it be?? its doing my head in :(
  8. if i need the pump ill let you guys know chances are most likely
  9. my steering is perfect when my car has just started up, its light and turns beautifully however after about 5-10 minutes of driving it the steering becomes really heavy and feels like your driving a truck i have bought some new synthetic fluid hoping it will do the trick but what else could it be? does anyone else have the same problem
  10. Lately i have been noticing my stivo crunches 9/10 times when i go to change it into 2nd - 3rd but thats only when im driving it hard (leaving 8k rpm) i have cleared all the carpet mats and crap out of the way so its something internally i have to get looked at, could it be the clutch or gearbox? and also where is a good place i can get my car serviced? is it worth going to the toyota dealers or just your old regular mechanic? EDIT: I am from around the penrith area - western sydney ps before everyone says use the search button i cant find any threads about my problem, and i want opinions about the servicing :D