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  1. Last Sunday was the inaugural track outing for the Celica, and it was the most interesting track days I have had yet! First session out resulted in a quicker time I had hoped for, especially considering the amount of times I had span! The car drives completely differently to anything else I have been or driven at Winton, which took alot of getting used to. Not to mention the brakes and suspension setup need a fair bit of work, as I was struggling throughout the day. Although we slowly fixed the setup enough through dampening and tyre pressure adjustments, it ended up being quite bearable and surprisingly very quick! There's lots of work to do on the car before the next track day in November! Enjoy the video ;)
  2. So far, yes. Also it may be all I need to beat you ;) :P
  3. Thought It was about time to update this! I guess this is kind of like an internet reveal for this car in a modded state New mods: - Tein Super Street coilovers 4k/6k rates - Front camber bolts - C-ONE Triangle rear brace - Injen CAI with Pipercross filter - Br1de seat on Bride FX rails, essentially bolted to the floor. - Concave Concept CC02 18x8.5+38 with 225/40/18 Federal RSR's - Drivers door in primer thanks to some.... "redesigning" from a tow bar - Wingless I'll let the pics do the talking!
  4. I dunno what the zze dash is like, I do know that people do that on other cars. Oh another thing, your indicators won't work properly as they won't unclick after a turn.
  5. so i cant ninja urs? Remember when you were getting your wheel reupholstered? ;) You could just pull the globe out the back of your dash lol Quoted, bolded, underlined and in red for emphasis.
  6. I could've even delivered if you asked me a week ago :p
  7. Pretty much just kinda sold them the other week...
  8. Although the laws say its illegal, I know for a fact that all corollas newer than the AE82 all share the same splines on the steering wheel. So an AE82 boss fits a ZZE steering spline. You'll need a deep dish wheel to be close to the stock position, unless you get an extended boss.
  9. Looks awesome man!! When are you gonna put it on bags? :p
  10. I had my hayashis up for sale for the last month! y u no buy?
  11. Looks great on the rpf1's!! Love those rims Shame about the yahoo auctions... all part if the game :(
  12. Only on the rear. Trying to hunt down some steelies with 155 tyres for the back too