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  1. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience with companies that provide pre purchase vehicle inspections in the Sydney area? I live in Perth and am looking at buying a Supra from Sydney however I wanted to get it checked out first. I've had a look at the RAC website and can't seem to find any information that they provide the service. I basically just need to make sure it'll pass if I have to take it over the pits when it gets to WA. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hello everyone. I thought I should do the polite thing and introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I'm currently living in Perth however I'm originally from Auckland, NZ (yes I'm a kiwi, please don't hold that against me! :P ). Back in NZ I owned an 89 MA70 Supra and it was my pride and joy! Since moving to Australia I've spent the last 3 years searching for another one. I've actually found one in NSW and I have a few questions but I'll post those in a different section. I also belong to Toyspeed which is a Toyota club in New Zealand if anyone is familar with it. So again, hello and I look forward to a long stay on this forum. :)