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  1. damn !!! more than 6 . im on my second set its been 3.5years now
  2. bigVAN


    if im not mistaken these are the exact same wheels that sold just last week
  3. You are one of many boosted 86/brz congrats ! Can't wait to see the finished product
  4. I found some issues with them such as code popups dashboard popups. however it may not happen . again this is whative read up so please take it as food for thought. I too will either go fujista dc or takeda. As the kit allows the intake to sit directly at the front unlike the kn which is at the back
  5. He has DC I believe which from memory has problems ive heard. Im just window shopping at the moment
  6. do remmeber the sportivo gen6 camrys come with extra suspension components such as braces behind the seat (x brace) and under body bars located directly under the rear passengers side skirt of the body, as well as acclaimed stiffer springs. however you say that when turning it shakes etc. first thing i would do to rectify the problem is to take it for a full alignment including wheel balancing. second thing if you have after market wheels make sure the wheels have hubcentric rings made for your hub (60.1mm for the camrys) third which you should be doing every 30km is checking wheels nuts to see if they are tight fourth be sure your tyres arent bald < i had front near bald ones and when turning it would sort of slip and cause slight vibration try those basic steps and see if you get any improvement.
  7. does it knock when your turning ? if so have a look at the rear sway bar links that connect to the strut it could be loose and will require tightening
  8. loving that clean exhaust note , very nice ! also you fujita intake. did you install it ? and did it throw up any codes ?
  9. i knew the intake and eyelids belonged to someone on here lol if only i had a v6 id take the typhoon straight away , its a steal !
  10. Hi Jake , the boys will or should run the cable under the car along the speed sensor lines (if thats what it is) , towards the front , up the engine bay and should hardwire it to the battery. that way it will have constant power even when the car is off , and you could control the exhaust even when the car is off. and no it will not kill your battery as it only drains little