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  1. Does anyone know what the actual specs are for a 2007 Camry, assuming Toyota data are being compaired with at tyre centre like Bob Jane? I read that new cars do not have 0.0 figures like Toe, Camber etc. Is this true?
  2. You have got to be kidn me. How can a dash get that bad, did u park it in the middle of Aus? Surely there were early signs before that would tell you that you need to use a sunshade???
  3. I got a set of 19" Vertini Magic in silver with 95% tyres if your're interested. Not sure if you want to freight it thought.
  4. Even 8.5" wide 235 is too skinny. for 9.5" i'd go 265/275.
  5. Yep it's $1k negotiable, looking for no less than 900 please. They are very nice wheels.
  6. Guys this is now for sale. Wheels sitting in garage gathering dust. I's also on gumtree.
  7. Imo the 6 spokes are better, the 5 spokes one looks too plain. If you can't find one from the wreckers buy them new from Toyota they aren't that much.
  8. I hope you guys buy your units with more than 128MB RAM, nowadays they are up to 500MB+,
  9. aem

    correct offset

    A big reason to upgrade your stock wheels to aftermarket is to make your car look better. That said, getting stock offset is a no no in my opinion as no matter what wheels you get without a flush look your car won't look good, So if the stock offset is +45, you should look to get less than +30, ideally with staggered setup. Eg for 18s, i would get something like +25 in the front and +30 in the rear (18x8, 18x8.5).
  10. It's sold but i don't know if i'd buy it cos of the weak offset. If you upgrade your wheels, you should make it look good with agressive offsets.
  11. Toyota forgot to fit them mate, that's all. These days i would expect any car costing more than 20K to have Hids.Halogen is 80s technology.
  12. Wait for the next gen camry, they might have standard HIDs lol.
  13. aem

    2012 atara sx

    I have 40psi, anylower and i feel the car is pulling too much.
  14. They are not, the MY10 (released in 2009) is an upgrade to our 2007s which has improved fuel economy at 8.8L. Our Gen 6 is 9.9L. You know it's a gen 6.5 (sportivo) when you see the door having no strip on it. Gen 7 is the new one.
  15. Your numbers are pretty much what i get if not they are a tiny bit better than mine. Although are you using E10 or 95/98 fuel? What about the models after 2007, they say fuel economy has been improved for those post 2007 cars.
  16. Not likely unless you changed to a wrongly spec'd one and it blows your headlights and burned your wires.
  17. The car feels light and quick off the mark so it's not weight that is causing it to drink i don't think, rather the the 2.4L displacement, big engine drink more. If it's 100km i don't usually fill up but before i know it it's down to 30km.
  18. Hi all, yesterday by car fuel warning light did not light up till 30Km left on the Range. I know the indicator is not 100% but yeh 30Km is very far off. Normally it's 50Km. Has it happen to anyone else? Btw the camry drinks like crazy and i'm left to feel insured about the reading.
  19. aem

    Ryco Oil Filters

    If its longer it'll take abit more oil in it, so more oil lol
  20. aem

    Ryco Oil Filters

    I just realised i've beeng using the the "wrong" oil filter for my 07 Camry. I used the the Ryco Z386 twice before never occur to me that i should be using Z432 untill today. Luciky it fits. Z386 according to the book was for 96 camry. Anyone know the difference? the Z432 looks to be a little longer.
  21. So during cruise control the car speed changes backware and forward? Are you sure you are not on a slope?
  22. That's normal, when going uphill/downhill the engine has to increase/decrease speed due to more work/less work done.
  23. aem

    2012 atara sx

    Im unhappy with my fuel consumption. I seldom hit the freeway so the comsumption is alot. Between 11-13 and for a 4cyl it's heaps. I might try 95.
  24. It's not that bright but then i have 35W I have bought 55w so that might be brighter.
  25. I'm suprised the latter generations Camry don't come with HIDs as standard. I'd consider getting a set of HIDs instead of replacements.