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  1. The rear of my bonnet (near the windscreen) vibrates quite noticeably at anything over about 80kms. I bought the car seccond hand so can't be sure it hasn't been crashed, so didn't mention it to Toyota whilst under warranty.
  2. I ended up selling my 2003 Corolla Sportivo before fitting these bits, so I now have for sale the following parts: 1. Whiteline rear sway bar $200 + postage 2. Eibach Springs - SOLD 3. 16" x 7" deep dish mags with near new tyres. These are a five spoke Lenso RS5 wheel that has a black centre with a deep dish chrome rim. Fitted to a Corolla Sportivo, they widen the track 25mm per side = 50mm. Combined with grippy tyres, these provided a huge improvement in handling, without the harsh ride of 17" or 18" wheels.They are multifit 4 stud, and also fit TS Astra, etc. 205/50/16 Tyres - 3 x Bridgestone Potenzas + 1 x equivalent Dunlop (damn puncture!). I will post a photo as soon as I work out how to! Excellent condition with only minor gutter rash. I'm looking for $600 for the lot plus postage - the tyres alone cost over $800. Pick up available from Canberra or check out e-go.com for cheap shipping Cheers James zero 41706444 five
  3. Thanks for those who offered genuine help, but I will probably never know the cause because the car has just been sold! It was a fun car, but ultimately, this problem and not great ergomics (flat seats and lack wheel reach adjustment) led to me deciding to hang onto my other car. However, I will still be around, as I am still considering the idea of upgrading to a 86GT in the near future. :-) Thanks James
  4. Thrust bearing was my initial thought. Just strange how it is mainly in reverse.
  5. Hi, Im new here. I recently bought a silver 2003 Corolla Sportivo with 144Kkms. It is a fun car, but it has a weird grinding noise when riding the clutch, particularly in reverse. The noise is worst when reversing from cold start. It is a kind of TZZZZZ noise that is quite loud once I start to reverse, riding the clutch, though stops once I let the clutch out completely. It is nowhere near as loud when engaging 1st, and can only just be heard if I ride the clutch during 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gear changes. The gearbox itself seems otherwise OK during normal driving, with possibly only the slightest of bearing noises and no syncro issues when driving - it is only bad when releasing the clutch in reverse. The shift action has a pretty average feel to it, but it goes into gears just fine, with only a slight snick. As a side, I find the clutch hard to get just right on take off. I either spin the clutch or bog down. The take up point was originally quite low to the floor, which I have raised a little by adjusting the clutch push rod out 2 turns. I was told that the clutch had always been like that since the previous owner bought the car 3 years ago. It had apparently had a new clutch before she bought it. I have also changed the gearbox oil to Redline MT80(?) and added Nulon additive. I can't recall if the current noise was there before I adjusted the clutch and changed the oil. Some of my thoughts are the noise could be: a thrust bearing problem, but would expect it to occurr in all gears; an input shaft bearing, though I would expect that it would be constant noise whilst driving - unless it is just commencing and is worst under load. reverse gear isn't initially fully engaging, which would be a linkage problem; or an engine or gearbox mount is shot, so the drivetrain is moving under load and hitting something? I note that sometimes when starting the car I do hear a similar noise for a fraction of a second. Any ideas? If I can't get any solid leads from here, I might try fiddling with the clutch rod and bleed the clutch cylinder and adjusting the clutch rod to see if it makes any difference. Thanks, James
  6. Hi, my name is James and I have just purchased my second Toyota. I'm in my 40's and live it Canberra. I am stiill a bit of a hoon at heart. my wife has had a 2009 Kluger KX-R for just over a year. Not surprisingly, it has remained pretty stock. she is very happy with it, though it does have a bit of a thirst the way she drives it! I am thinking of adding some 19" Grande wheels shortly. I have just picked myself up a 2003 corolla Sportivo. I have added some deep dish wheels and am about to do up the suspension. I have ordered a Whiteline rear bar, Eibach springs and am likely going to buy some Bilstein shocks. I have Removed the air box intake duct and replaced it with a cold air feed - I love the induction noise under load!