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  1. I know the TRD brake pads are slightly larger than than the Kluger pads. however, im not sure of the spacing of the caliper/carrier bolts and if the Kluger calipers bolt up to the aurion.
  2. Well if it's a 09 model camry, it should have WS oil in the transmission, which is intended to last longer than the previous types of auto fluid. WS oil is not cheap to buy, and I think can only be purchased in 4litre containers over the parts counter.
  3. Ive seen this a couple of times, logged as a history code. Ive never seen this code give any problems, especially severe ones. I think the correct wording for the code is Startability Malfunction.
  4. The fact that it's missed the services hasn't helped the situation, but I'm thinking of a combination of factors. Quality of oil has an important part, as well as the viscosity. I hope that ultratune hasn't been putting 20w50 in it or something like that. Just a wild guess, that poor quality oil has passed its used-by date and sludged up, not just around the oil filler cap (more to see if you ever remove the rocker covers) but the sludge has likely gotten into the bores and fouled up the piston rings, causing blue smoke and oil consumption.
  5. I cant see why 5w30 would be a problem. As long as the viscosity doesnt go above 40 because of the VVTI, but that would be when the car starts to get quite a few kays on it. If its got lower km's (under 75000km for example) I would recommend 5w30 or 10w30
  6. I would have said Intermediate shaft in the steering column as well. Seems to be a common thing with 2006 to 2010 model toyotas, sadly. Earlier in some cases.
  7. I got a 2nd hand towbar for my wifes aurion - a genuine towbar (PZQ63-33130) but had difficulty getting a wiring kit 2nd hand. I don't like the idea of piggybacking the towbar wiring straight onto the LED lights. I ordered a genuine wiring kit through people I know at a Toyota dealer. With the large round plug, the part number is PZQ61-33142. It may take a while to get, as I hear production has slowed for this item, and it came with installation instructions too. As for aftermarket, I would have gone with Hayman Reece too, and gone the hitch type with 50X50 box section (as there is a 40X40 box
  8. I wouldn't mind just putting my 2 cents in here. As a mechanic, ive done spark plugs on quite a few aurions. There's no need to remove the manifold on the aurion t get to the rear spark plugs. Only the windscreen plenum and windscreen wiper assembly, demonstrated in steps earlier in this thread From here, you can reach behing the manifild to get to the rear plugs (and you have to remove a bracket covering the most RH coil pack)
  9. The VIM is a conversion adapter, like a gateway, to change 5 pin USB to the 15 pin DLC2 connector, although I don't think all 15 pins are used.
  10. Do the chinese sell this package with their own VIM (Vehicle Interface Module) or is it a direct usb adapter cable?
  11. I got 2 Aurions in my household. A 3500SL and a ZR6. Both of which, I have disabled the confirmation beep for the central locking. It was the first things I changed on the cars. The appropriate scantool is required for the job though. Not sure if there is aftermarket software that does more than reads/clears codes and displays a data list (of revs/temp/a-f mixture etc)
  12. The transmission ECU is programmed differently to a standard trans ECU. If you do swap the ECU's, you have to enter the code (on the front of the transmission) into the ECU. Sorry if the reply is late.
  13. I think there is a bit more involved with just bolting a supercharger on. I hear the VVTi oil hose (that there was a recall on) is different on the TRD's, as well as all the extra pulleys plus belt to be fitted. On that (belt) note, if the height of the charger is changed on top of the motor, to fit a cooler in, chances are the belt will not fit. other things to look at would be the wiring loom and computer too.
  14. Yeah I've heard this isn't cheap. I know that WS oil has to be used and not T4 or Dexron 3. From what I understand as well, the WS oil is about $80 thereabouts for 4 litres. Not sure if you can get 1 litre bottles of the stuff. But on that note, I haven't seen an auto with WS oil fail because of failure to change its oil. If there is one out there, i'd imagine it would likely have 200,000+ on the clock. The stuff (in my opinion) goes for a while even when it goes dark.
  15. As a Toyota technician, the first I heard about it was on news.com.au last night, then on the telly again this morning. I'm wondering how the media finds out about this before the Toyota mechanics do? As for myself, I have a 2008 (registered 2009) Aurion. No issues with my window switch, or even my motor/regulator assembly being noisy as the window goes up. For those that haven't read about it yet, follow these links http://www.news.com.au/business/companies/toyota-to-recall-300000-cars-in-australia-74-million-worldwide/story-fnda1bsz-1226493055573 http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national

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