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  1. hi CONROD, thank you for your reply. i just ring up kmart auto tyre different branch, they say that kluger wheel will not fit into hilux because the hilux hole is bigger. this bloke said the same thing as i try to put the territory wheel. it really make me really confuse.. however i need more of your expertise, so you said the kluger wheel will fit nicely right? even with the 19 inch. and i found the tyre complete with the wheel with the size of 245/55 R19 load 103 speed S (bridgestone Dueler H/L D400). is this wheel will suit the hilux? so if i change to kluger wheels is my insurance will become useless? thank you for your help. cheers.
  2. i want to use toyota kluger wheels for my toyota hilux..is it fix??

  3. i need advice for muy wheels urgent :( tq

  4. hi, i have toyota hilux 2009 2WD with 5 stud.recently i try to fit a ford territory wheel in but kmart auto tyres said it doesn't fit because the hole is not attach properly. however now i like to change my tyre with Toyota kluger wheel with the size of 19X7.5 ET35 5/114.3. and the tyre i'm thinking is 225 45 R19/225 50 R19. is this wheels will fit into my hilux? is it affecting the braking system? thank you in advance.