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  1. I got mine reconditioned from Gear Exchange Services in smithfield where they changed 2nd and 3rd gears and synchros. Got the diff bearings changed, all the seals, gearbox casing, and all the cv boots, with my clutch replaced also. Cost me $1800 plus i bought the clutch on top. So happy with it, recommend them to anyone. worth every cent.
  2. Might just hunt for a used one as im not rich and ill be buying a new car in the new future anyway. Hopefully i can find a descent one
  3. I am a first year uni student, this is my first car and i only have part time work.. I cant afford that haha :( Trying to keep my bill under $1500 if its possible. :/
  4. Hey guys I know this has probably been covered 1000 times but i cant find an answer to my problem. Everyones had the same problems as me, downshifted one day and 'CRUNCH'. Now i cannot downshift into 2nd gear without it crunching hard. When my car is cold, or for the first half hour of driving in the morning, 3rd crunches up and down gears. My box is far gone as ive felt mine in comparison to my mates and his feels amazing. My clutch is stock and basically any day now its going to go. Cars got 117,000kms atm. Its getting worse and now sometimes it just rejects my shifts into 2nd, even when i shift slowly. Ive driven it pretty hard so its all my fault, with the stock clutch doesnt help. Im buying an excedy hd clutch like ive been reccomended by many people, for $300. But now im stuck with what to do with the box. I would love an LSD and a rebuild but i dont have the money to spend. Im considering just buying a 2nd hand one for about 1k. Is this my best option? And best for the money? Or does anyone else have a better idea from their experiences? Id appreciate some help cause i am stuck and it just gwts worse and worse everyday.
  5. Thats what i noticed also, maybe they could be for all the lights in the switches? Im not sure, when i have time i might pull the units apart to see whats inside. I think ive just wasted time and money though.
  6. So waste of time you reckon? Ive already done those and added the extra globe on the insides of them with parker/brake. Im going to try and work it out anyway, see if its really possible.
  7. Ive got some of the harness from the facelift model. There are 3 extra wires and im assuming theyre just from the little lights in the switches which the preface doesnt have. Also noticed the wires are thinner from the facelift. This makes me worry that it could be a completely different setup
  8. Hey everyone I have an 04' corolla sportivo. Today i purchased some 'all auto' driver door switches from the 05' facelift model for my prefacelift. I like the idea of just flicking them and all the windows go down/up. Now i have the problem where the wires are ridiculously different. Can someone please help, or guide me as to what i should do. Has anyone done this before? Is it even possible?! Thanks guys would appreciate some insight