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  1. Hi guys, Replaced coolant today. A relatively easy job, but I'm not sure if I managed to drain all the old coolant. First opened the radiator tap and drained about 4.5L, then opened the engine block drain (v. hard to get to) but only got 50mL or so out of this one. According to service manual there should be about 5.5L total. Any ideas?
  2. Both. Will check tomorrow. I don't know what might have happened down there while I was trying to get the damn thing out. I was turning it in both directions.
  3. Just saw on YouTube that there is also a 9/16" spark plug tool!! Unpacked my new spark plugs and measured them. They are just over 14mm, which makes them 6/16"!! How silly!
  4. Sorry Trent. I've measured it, nothing is written on the socket. 16mm hexagonal would be close to 5/8". I'm pretty sure I was using the right tool, but probably too short. Will try to get it in one piece tomorrow so that there is no need for extensions.
  5. I was using exactly what you've described. I have both sizes and I used the smaller spark plug socket with rubber grommet. Perhaps the engine has to be cold?
  6. Got it out after 4 hours of torture. Had to wait till the engine cooled down and then used cordless drill to engage it and a lever to pull it out. Spark plug still inside but may be loose as the engine warning lamp is lit when turned on. The socket is no. 16 with 22mm outside dia. I think it's the right size. Hope I haven't stuffed up the spark plug housing thread. Will get a longer socket tomorrow and give it another go.
  7. It turns easier as the engine gets cooler, but still doesn't go up.
  8. I mean the tube. Can it be pulled out altogether?
  9. No, it wasn't quite easy. I had to force it a bit. I don't know what size is it as it's still in the sleeve. But there are two sizes only. Right. Can the sleeve be pulled out?
  10. Hi, I was trying to replace spark plugs in my Corolla 2007 but the spark plug socket got stuck in the hole and cannot be pulled out nor easily turned either way. Not sure if it engaged with the spark plug or not, but the more I turn it in either direction the harder it gets. It seems it's getting galled (cold welded) to the sleeve leading to the spark plug. Any experience with this? Looks like an expensive repair if I take it to the mechanic.
  11. Corolla Ascent ZRE152 Sedan 2007 model: Occasional rotten egg smell, I'd say a few times a week. It's been there ever since I've bought it. Worse when A/C switched off. Any idea what may cause it and how to fix?
  12. Thank you very much. I must have replaced dozens of brake pads on previous cars, mainly Holden and Ford, and never ran accross a screw type caliper piston. Learned the hard way.
  13. Thank you. Yes, they are screw type and I applied as much pressure on the clamp as I could. Must have damaged them, especially the RHS one although I couldn't see any damage by naked eye. Got secnd hand ones today from a wrecker for $80 ea (Toyota asked for $550 x 2). Installed them, replaced the fuid and so far so good.
  14. Should be about 3 years. Rebuilt RHS caliper today. Replaced fluid. Same problem. Could I damage the caliper by pressing it too hard with the clamp? Just realised they go in easily by turning clockwise. Couldn't see any damage inside when I opened it.