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  1. Sorry guys, I actually posted on the Celica forums that I won't make it as the weather looked bad. Thought it was going to rain. I forgot to post on here. Bleh!! Did you guys end up meeting? Ok let's start from now. Do we want to wait until end of month for another one or organise another in 2 weeks?
  2. That'd make it 5 people in total if everyone comes. lol. Is it enough or wait till next month or next week?
  3. Did you end up recovering the car? It was for sale a few weeks ago on Gumtree. The seller thought I was a scammer for some reason. I'm in NSW and was interested in purchasing it. Well I hope you did find the car.
  4. I've got someone from the Celica forum who's interested. So three people in total so far :p Anyone else?
  5. Long time no meet. Anyone up for just a meet this Saturday. 7pm greenacre maacas?
  6. Wreckers, wreckers and wreckers. Does yours have fog lights or a sun roof? Easy way of telling if it's a ZR. Or the actual badge on the back :p
  7. Long time mate. Looking noiiice!!
  8. 185 group a have the sexiest front ends.
  9. zrb

    Defyant's SX6

    The last thing I remember, he was working on the iLoad's tail lights.
  10. I spot fivese7en almost every week day.
  11. Sony post pics of your ride!!
  12. Lol my goodness. My eyes burn. They do say the celica is a hairdressers car. You've gone with the theme LOL. Not sure about the lights. Maybe it's the motor for it that's stuck. Where in nsw are you? You should come to a meet. I'm sure everyone would like to see the interior :p
  13. Non turbo would have to be the 7th gen. Sexier than the rest. Turbo 205 then a 185.
  14. You might want to try plastidip. Not a big range of colours, but at least it an be removed if you don't like it. For anything Celica related, I'd suggest you sign up to ozcelica.com/forum