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  1. Hi Guys, Does any know or have the steps on how to remove the front dis (Rotor) for a 2009 hiace? it easy removing the brake caliper but don't know what to remove next? Thanks
  2. Yes I did, I think the gear he user looks like one of those that I saw in eBay for just under $1000 which different plugs that suites specific type of car, does those devices just write the new code to the ECU or flashes then program the transponder? just wondering would the difference between this Chinese locksmith’s devise and more complex and expensive devices!? Thanks Brendan.
  3. Don't know if he does but he is a certified locksmith and he gave me his business card if I need him in the future! So now the car has started and running OK, did I pass the critical phase? Should I worry about any complications in the future!?
  4. Woo hooo, guess what guys I just got the car fixed and cost me only $180. A Chinese guy made look so easy and it was! the guys is a genius, he didn't need to take the dashboard or anything out, he had a tool that connected it somewhere beneath the steering wheel, that flashed and reprogrammed a new master key, its took him around 3 or 4 mins. When I asked him about the tool he used, he told me that he got it from china, I think having such devise for our Aussies locksmith would make live much easier and cheaper. Cheers Guys
  5. Thanks Broton, I whished that info were for my car model. Cheers mate
  6. By the way, is that true that transponder for my 2007 tarago should be a very small chip that should be located in a small rectangle in the remote key near the doors remote control!? because I'm really sure that I lost the chip! as I don't remember that I dropped anything when changing the battery? I still have the remote that can open and close the doors with it but I've been told that transponder is separate from the remote doors! Thanks
  7. Thanks Brendan, Getting a new transponder shouldn't be a problem, A locksmith told me that for my tarago normally the immobiliser box should be a silver box located near the glove box!? by my problem is know how to flash it and the steps to program the new transponder. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I have a 2007 Tarago and while changing the battery for my remote key, I realised that I lost the transponder chip Damnnn!! Now still got the key but the car won't start, so I guess I'll be looking to program a new master key (transponder), I checked with some locksmiths and gave a quote around $700, and Toyota told me that they can't do it as they don't have the code, and advised me to Reset (flash) the immobiliser computer box or I think it called ECU, I'm a computer programmer so I'm guessing that if any know how to do it I can manage, so does anyone knows how to reset and program a new master key, it will be really appreciated. Thanks Guys
  9. Hi guys, I've just bought and after market DVD,TV,GPS...etc unit that have the maps loaded in an micro sd memory sticked to it and I would like to update the maps, and my question is, do U know from where can I get Australian maps and does maps from other devices such as Tom tom, navman..etc can be upload and used or do I need a specific maps from my specific type navigation system, which is an after market Toyota Camry GPS,DVD.DVT,TV unit that have maps in a micro SD card? Thanks