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  1. type r. hate to say it but they own the stivo in every performace area. i drive a stivo too.
  2. owner of that car needs to kill himself immediately
  3. hey mate. any news? my bad :( i got lazy hopefully i remember on friday no worries champ. i did a quick search and it seems that model the op showed us isnt avail in aus. i dun suppose there is anything else around the same price range 1-1.5k that is double din and gps too?
  4. its been pretty good so far. im actually enjoying it more than i thought i would.
  5. do u need qualification to open up your own business? isnt it illegal to do so? it must be, or else i could become a dentist right now.
  6. the stacker is in the headunit itself. harness can be bought from supercheap auto.
  7. Turbo Charged!?? Yeah man. Really unknown car this one. I've seen it once before on the same road about the same time half a year ago. You can hear the turbo spool from a mile away. Kept up with an STI I was in not long ago. so it is tru... friend was telling me about one he saw that was turbo'd. thot he was ****tin me.
  8. sounds like you short circuited something in your headunit dude. gotta disconnect power to car (take -ve lead out from battery) before you do any electrical work.