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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum. My old HJ60 is a reliable if not a little tatty vehicle. She took me and my family half way around this awesome country and back, many years ago. I have a problem that I have been told is not uncommon in this model diesel. If I have not used the car for a couple of days, when I start her up, the oil pressure is slow to come up and the auto cut out turns the engine off. Depending on how long since the car was last used, it might take up to 4 starts before she will continue to run. This is bad because: 1) The engine is running too long without enough oil pressure and could be causing undue wear. 2) It uses a lot of battery power Does anyone know the cause of this problem and if it is fixable? PS. Generally, if I have used the car in the previous 24 hours it will start and run first time. The longer between starts, the worse it is. Cheers Graydog