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  1. Since its May 2010 launch, 3867 Rukuses have been sold in Australia. For comparison, Toyota regularly shifts more than 3000 Corollas per month. So so Sad that the Rukus didn't take off as they had hoped for. A large number of these sales were to people who had never previously considered a Toyota, me including ūüėȬ†Long live Toyota Rukus.!!!!!

  2. You want to know something funny, I was going for a new job back in November 2017 & at the job interview I decided to be true to myself, & i said honestly " I'm not dead yet " you want to know the good news, I got the job & I'm still there just like i am still here my friend.
  3. " Long Live Toyota Rukus & Scion xB " 


  4. I dislike Tailgater's myself, especially in my baby since it is a limited edition. What i do & i highly recommend to everyone is letting the impatient & the not so considerate pass, if safe to do so stay in the left hand lane if you are not over taking as i see many times watching Dash cam videos & Taking a interstate road trip myself of late. Driver's driving in the right hand lane & not overtaking. I am seriously wanting a rear dash cam video as everybody is now having one. Funny thing I took an interstate road trip 3 weeks ago Travelling from Cairns Far North Queensland to Hervey Bay QLD, to Singleton NSW to Crookwell / Goulburn NSW & to tell you the truth, I wasn't leaving Cairns QLD, without my " BLUES ON BOARD STICKER ON THE REAR BUMPER " ūüėČ
  5. Oh Yes, oh how we miss the good old days & wish to god that you were here ūüėČ TOYOTA we just can't live without you.!!
  6. If only he had put on the handbrake ūüėČ That's me if my car goes over the cliff ūüėČ
  7. First of all, so sorry for the late reply. Yes it is super Fantastic, Oh what a feeling TOYOTA... Watching this brings back so many memories. Thank you for your comment, means a lot to me. Cheers.!!
  8. If you must know what is sad, I haven't seen this video in such a long time, They should definitely show more video's like this. It show's how much our cars really mean to us, not just a piece of metal ūüėČ
  9. Driving my  2011 Toyota Rukus Halo has been one amazing Journey after another,

    thought i would share this with you guys.Thank You for the memories.. Life is definitely way too short, do what makes you happy.!!

    1. TRD Rukus

      TRD Rukus

      Hey Rukus Fans in AU, I also have a FB group Toyota Rukus Australia if any ones interested in joining the group.

    2. Rukus Son

      Rukus Son

      Hey thanks for letting me & everyone know. for as long as i can remember i have yearned for the companionship of other Rukus enthusiast like yourself, But in saying that i haven't logged into my Facebook for quite a while & i probably needed something a little special to get me back. I am definitely interested. Appreciate the call in. They may no longer produce The Toyota Rukus, but i can honestly say that i am still here after 8 years & hope to still be here in another 8 years. It has been a hell of a road trip, God knows how many times my baby has been up & down the coast, This video is only a small sample compared to what i have experienced & cherished in the 8 wonderful & memorable years of owning a Toyota Rukus Halo 2011. Thank you TRD Rukus, Hope to see you soon my friend.  Happy & Safe Driving 

      Sonia AKA Rukus Son

    3. Rukus Son

      Rukus Son

      Att - TRD Rukus, Thank you so much my friend for accepting me as part of your " Rukus Australia Group on Facebook ". means a lot. When i first laid eyes's on a Rukus i was completely blown away, when i think back all those years i still remember the feeling. To me this is more than just a car, or a piece of metal & don't forget plastic, it's apart of me now, it represents me as a human being, Sadly i never have owned a car of my own it has always been other peoples or family members, so this is the very first car that i have called my own. I have always been about being unique & being who you are. What brings a smile to my face is when people give me the thumbs up that always makes my day & seeing the little kiddies smile that is what keeps me going. I just purchased a very special sticker for the rear of my boxy babe found it on E-Bay in which i like to get a lot of my car needs from, since the new toy story movie came out i thought i would get something that represents in a certain way. A few years back i used to call my boxy babe My ToyBox thought it was appropriate at the time, that was before i got my beloved Tiger's. So Thank you for accepting my membership my friend. 


      Rukus Son 


  10. Happy Birthday to my Boxy Babe today 13/04/19 8 years old & still going strong. Where would i be without you,!!!

    Congratulations Sonia Sign.jpg

  11. I don't own a Rav4 but in my Rukus i have placed my Dash Cam on the right side, just tucked in behind the mirror, as long as it is not obstructing your view.
  12. Fuel prices in Cairns is around the $1.57 & that's just for unleaded. If you fill up at a PUMA you will receive a 4c off if you are a RACQ member. No need for those 4c off shopping dockets, the starting price is $1.55 so you get it for $1.51. But the funny thing was the station down the road was selling for a low $1.49 but you had to line up and the line was down the street. I would highly recommend downloading the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pineconesoft.petrolspy this will help you guys get the best deal. God knows we all need a helping hand. Cheers
  13. Hey guys & Gals I am back :smile: Yep still driving the boxy babe. It's been a long time i know but I would love to catch up with you all. I'm back living in Cairns. Would dearly love to catch up with any Rukus owners in Cairns or beyond. 

    hey check this out, arrived at work early one morning was just about to put the car cover on when i spotted a couple of flies making out on the roof. Try not too laugh :laugh: they christened if before i did. 


  14. hahaha ;-) for some strange reason i always thought a hatch back was 3 doors. A guy that I used to work with would always tease me & he knew how to get me going. I guess i will just have to come to terms with it being called a Roo Cuss Hatchback......... God Help Me......................................

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