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  1. Driving my  2011 Toyota Rukus Halo has been one amazing Journey after another,

    thought i would share this with you guys.Thank You for the memories.. Life is definitely way too short, do what makes you happy.!!

  2. Happy Birthday to my Boxy Babe today 13/04/19 8 years old & still going strong. Where would i be without you,!!!

    Congratulations Sonia Sign.jpg

  3. I don't own a Rav4 but in my Rukus i have placed my Dash Cam on the right side, just tucked in behind the mirror, as long as it is not obstructing your view.
  4. Fuel prices in Cairns is around the $1.57 & that's just for unleaded. If you fill up at a PUMA you will receive a 4c off if you are a RACQ member. No need for those 4c off shopping dockets, the starting price is $1.55 so you get it for $1.51. But the funny thing was the station down the road was selling for a low $1.49 but you had to line up and the line was down the street. I would highly recommend downloading the app this will help you guys get the best deal. God knows we all need a helping hand. Cheers
  5. Hey guys & Gals I am back :smile: Yep still driving the boxy babe. It's been a long time i know but I would love to catch up with you all. I'm back living in Cairns. Would dearly love to catch up with any Rukus owners in Cairns or beyond. 

    hey check this out, arrived at work early one morning was just about to put the car cover on when i spotted a couple of flies making out on the roof. Try not too laugh :laugh: they christened if before i did. 


  6. hahaha ;-) for some strange reason i always thought a hatch back was 3 doors. A guy that I used to work with would always tease me & he knew how to get me going. I guess i will just have to come to terms with it being called a Roo Cuss Hatchback......... God Help Me......................................
  7. Hi Alec, I have owned my Rukus Halo for 6 years now & never would i dream of calling it a Roo Cuss, what i do get a little upset is when people call it a Hatchback Gggrrr.... its more than just a hatchback, definitely with lots of noise ;-)
  8. Finally got my new Rostra Custom LED Daytime Running Light Kit /11-13 Scion xB fitted on Thursday 20/04/17. I have waited oh so long for these, to me it seems like a dream, maybe because i had to wait so long. They look so amazing & I couldn't be happier. Had the bumper re painted. Wanted to share with you guys. In life you must do what makes you happy right :-)
  9. haven't been here in a while, feels great to be back. :cool:

  10. hey I'm still here, well i haven't been able to login because silly me forgot my password. back now, Still own my beautiful boxy babe Toyota Rukus Halo 2011, can't believe it will be 6 years in April, oh how time fly's when your having fun. is great to be back. PS. I just couldn't imagine selling my baby is apart of who i am. Cheers.
  11. Please Check out my Best Buddies Video that he made in Tribute to my Toyota Rukus Halo
  12. Finally got around to making my Video hope you all enjoy it.!!
  13. first of all i am very much saddened that you have parted with your Rukus & it also disappoints me & i think everybody else once people know the truth. but if you were not happy then you did what you had to do. i thought we were all in this together, standing by each other even in amongst all the jokes & humiliation that we seem to cop every now & again. well since i have modified my boxy babe i can honestly say i wouldn't trade mine not for anything. if anyone is going to say goodbye it will be my box. can't believe my Box will be 4 years old this Month, where has the time gone. i am so happy to be back as if you guys were wondering where have i been. i needed to be closer to my family. The really sad note is & i not wish to rave on but i will be honest & upfront with you guys as i have always been. When i was driving in Cairns people used to laugh & point and everything else for that matter. now that i have finally said goodbye to Cairns i can say that i am home where my heart belongs. now the people here have showed me much respect & telling me how much they love my Box. sometimes i feel like i am the Bandit but without the Trans Am. Every where i go people give me the thumbs up, beep their horn, take pics & Video. it has been a great ride with my Toyota Rukus Halo & i wouldn't trade that for the world. David i am so happy for you for changing your wheels but i do hope it was a Toyota =]
  14. The funny thing is mine is already a limited edition but i didn't expect for you guys to join me so soon =]