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  1. i was soo close to getting one but ive just sold my sportivo :( but its okay because im buying another one
  2. gents im sorry that this build thread has to end so soon but yesterday i sold my sportivo i only owned it for 6 months but i had a young gun come along yesterday and give me an offer i couldnt refuse.............however, i am now looking for a white one :D or another black one with no dings or scratches or warped panels thankyou all for watching this thread. i will be back soon
  3. not too sure about the tyres but i highly recommend some enkei GTC 01's or some Work Emotion CR KAI's
  4. ive been in my mates sportivo which just had a no name brand exhaust and muffler and it went very well and lift kicked in alot harder than mine did. im guessing that yours wasnt installed properly?
  5. i reckon the stock muffler is good looking, polished it up a bit with some metal polish and looks great. and yes im always on the hunt for goodies, always wanted the CES but from what you have to say i dont think im gonna travel down that road haha maybe try varex exhaust? its half the price aswell. muffler looks very similar too
  6. It is bad haha! I'm not being a drama queen either, I used to drive a civic with fart cannon on it and the CES resonates way more than that! The torque down low has reduced slightly i think which makes it even worse when i'm trying to accelerate in 4th or even 3rd during normal day driving.. the acceleration is slower so i have to live with more resonation from the exhaust. And don't get me started on hills.. I haven't got a recording but I am thinking of taking the exhaust off and replacing it with the stock one again... how much more restrictive is the stock exhaust compared to the performance exhaust?... Because there honestly wasn't any difference at all between them when driving. And what would be the difference if the car was tuned with stock exhaust + headers and CAI, compared to with a performance exhaust? Thanks! are you the one selling the exhaust on gumtree already after 1 week? hahaha
  7. the exhaust has been especially designed for the corolla sportivo 2zzge engine and has shown significant gains in most cars, not too sure as to why alex's is soo bad??
  8. +1 for checking oil and maybe having a few stops to let the engine have a rest haha
  9. loving the paddy basher!! i have one me self, it an old school rolla, not sure what model or series but no windows, no zorst, bald tyres, rust everywhere but its the best fun:D its also a 5 speed manual that has to be push started haha the best car i have ever driven is a 420KW atw BMW M3 Supercharged by G-Power with Remus Exhaust and Full Carbon Fibre Body. I would upload some pics of the car but cbf so i found a look alike on google lol looks almost the same except it has M3 GTS wheels and is alpine white. VERY VERY quick car for your P's
  10. Isn't the master key the same as the service/valet key? I purchased my corolla with only that key as the previous owner had lost/broken the other 2 remote ones, I then had to go to toyota to get 2 new ones which I got cut by a locksmith and then programmed by some computer guy. You can get aftermarket transponders and they will cost you around 90
  11. I'm no expert on exhausts but maybe throw another resonator in there? Not sure if it will decrease performance though? I'm also looking at an exhaust and I found a guy who might part out with his sportivo, he also has a CES exhaust and said that there was no drone? I'm guessing your one needs running in? Haha
  12. How long have you had the CES exhaust installed on your car? Because I read on one of the threads somewhere on here that one guy had it installed and hated it and said that there were no gains at all, but then he said that over time of around 6 months, the car slowly began to get stronger and he noticed alot of gains
  13. Ive done it on my 05 stivo, relatively easy, Kenshin X has done it, as has trdrolla on his build thread
  14. i also get that rattle in the windows but only my drivers side window when its about 100mm down, it doesn't rattle because of the engine, it rattles when the music is on about 30, and its only the stock system. not sure how to fix it? maybe the channel rubbers that the windows slide in?

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