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  1. Gosh....sorry to hear about the ordeal you went there mate.....that is so un professional and unethical and absolute rip off. Me leaning towards Allianz (the car has got no mods, as yet!). Both RACV and NRMA seem decent, but on the dearer side of scales. any tips there.....
  2. Hi All.... i am about to pick up my Aurion (08 AT-X) from the dealer in a couple of days and have been deciding which way to go in terms of getting the insurance organised. Both me and my partner are mid 30's, with a clean history. The dealer was pitching in for Allianz (maybe there is a commission hiding for him there). Had a look online and got a few quotes, they all are pretty much around the same figures (around $65-75 / month mark). guess, its choosing one devil over another! what do you guys reckon.....Allianz, AAMI, RACV, NRMA or..........
  3. thanks all....paid the deposit today for Aurion, cant wait till the weekend to take her out for a spin.....
  4. Hi All, Help needed......we are tossing up between a 08 Altise and 08 Aurion AT-X, they both are the same price range with the Altise sitting at 99k kms and Aurion @ 124k kms. Basically the car is going to be used for 70% city , inner suburb driving and 30% highways. No brash driving, i understand the fuel consumption on the Altise would be a tad bit better , but after taking them both out for a spin, the ride on the Aurion was way more betta. was a bit let down with the interiors on both of 'em, would have liked to purchase a better model on either but cant stretch the budget. what do ya all reckon?
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Shilp :)