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  1. Does anyone have a link to a site showing how to fit new front brake pads to 98 Hilux extra cab 2.7l petrol Model RZN 154 please?
  2. Anyone have a link to a site that shows how to fit new front brake pads to 98 Hilux extra cab 2.7 l. petrol RZN 154 please?
  3. Hi. This might not help at all, but for what it's worth, it sounds like it's getting a guts full of air. I don't know how this works with the Toyota hilux, but I had a Nissan 720 ute that was doing this, and had everyone stumped. One guy said new engine needed. Nearly got hit by a bus one day. Would cruise along ok, but at low speed, put the foot down, and no go. Anyway the problem turned out to be the PCV valve. It was stuck open. A guy with a home tuning business found it by hooking up the magic pipes, and analysing the mixture etc. I had fitted a new PVC valve, but it was a dud. These things are frustrating. I went to several mechanics who charged 80 bucks an hour for their expertise, and got nowhere for over a year. I know the 720 ute is a completely different animal, Not even fuel injected, but could put you on the right track. Good luck, johnbclay.
  4. Anyone have a link to 98 hilux extra cab 2.7 petrol RZN 154 workshop manual? Want to find out how to fit new front brake pads. Thanks in advance. johnbclay.

  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums johnbclay :)

    1. johnbclay


      Thanks Steve. I have a 98 Extra cab Hilux RZN 154. Found this site whilst looking for info on how to fit new front brake pads. Can't remember how. Thought I'd join up and share what knowledge I have, and do a bit of brain picking if need be. Regards, John B.