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  1. does anyone know where you can get deflectors for a 2003 corolla sportivo? thanks
  2. Not easy finding a grill in Carbon F.. but here are some aftermarket ones http://www.carmate.c...9&categoryid=18 thanks for that, just got in contact with them and they seem to not have any in stock as well as the non-carbon fiber grill. do you know of any other places?
  3. im after an aftermarket 2003 corolla sportivo grill in carbon fiber. If anyone knows where to get them from can you let me know? thanks
  4. hi, im just wondering if this carbon fiber grill is suited for my 2003 corolla sportivo. thanks
  5. not too sure, gonna have to wait for the corolla specialists to come up, but im pretty sure zze123 is a sportivo, and 122 and 123s bodies are the same Yeah thats what i was thinking, the e12 eyelids
  6. yeah i know i think they just took a photo of the same eye lids and put for each different type :/ for pre-facelift 03 is it a NZ121, ZZE122 or a ZZE123G?
  7. Just wondering what type of eye lids will fit my pre-face lift 03 sportivo. I found 3 just not sure which will fit :/ Thanks
  8. i have a gear knob already, im just after the sticker/badge that shows the H-pad which i cant find
  9. just wondering if anyone knows where to get a 6 speed H-pad, with reverse at top left next to gear 1? I've looked all over ebay but can't seem to find any at all.
  10. thanks for that yeah i went to car mate and they said that they have 1 of each in stock then he came back and gave me the bad news saying that they are out of stock and that they won't be getting any in for a month or so :(
  11. Hi I am just wondering where am i able to find eye lids for an 03 corolla sportivo and an oem front grille, preferably already sprayed in black? Thanks for the help.
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums Aaron Ligopantis :)