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  1. Interesting read, can't wait for the final product
  2. My mate has them on the car and doesn't like or has any use for it. So he's giving them to me if it fits our car.
  3. Now that is a crazy build. Good job!
  4. Would anyone know if the 2013 corolla hatch roof rack, will fit a corolla sportivo 2005??
  5. like I said, it came from off a sportivo and if you want the exhaust to sit striaght instead of a angle then u will need a new flange.
  6. Meguiar & Mothers sell headlight restoration kit at supercheap/autobarn etc,will have everything inside the box to make the yellow haze go away. cheaper alternative is tooth paste ( sounds stupid but it actually works)
  7. check out kings wrecker located in Fairfield, they should have them.
  8. exedy heavy duty clutch FTW. standard clutch for our cars are rubbish.
  9. At the bottom of the sill panel (where your going to put the side skirts) is there a black plastic thing on the ascent?If yes take that off, there should be 3 to 4 black round plastic clip holding it in. U can use them to hold up the side skirts if you don't want to use sikaflex. Cause I remember looking underneath of a ascent at work and sportivo has the same holes from memory.
  10. Correct, remember to put 2 x 10mm bolts on front wheel arch and 2 x10mm on rear arch.
  11. thank Rich :D another UPDATE : TRD front strut brace,To me it doesn't really do much and can't feel any difference. Only left it on cause it says TRD hehehe. Also ordered BC BR coilovers and got them installed. Didn't like the height as it was still to high so went a tad bit lower. I've been seeing so many sportivo with matt/gloss black stock wheels,so i thought why not do something that people don't really have and i came up with this bronze. The colour came from a BMW paint code which was the closest i can get to the jap rims (eg rays,te37 ). I also added more brown to the paint to make it a darker brown. DIY it myself with a mate helping me sand them down 600 wet and use red scotch bright with paste. Sprayed 2 coats of color and 1 coat of clear. (note:these were all done a while ago,thought i share it :D )