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  1. Stone chips are expensive to repair , so i bought an old zooki to use where the bitumen is not.
  2. They can still happen if we still have enough interest! Anyone interested for tonight 7pm greenacre MCD? We can start a list! 1/ alan
  3. Toymods is meeting this coming monday night. About 7PM until late at Harry's cafe de wheels at Parramatta. They welcome anyone with a toyota and my subie86 is tolerated.
  4. The manager of Olympic Locksmiths on Victoria Rd Gladesville NSW can find the correct solution. He has helped our family and friends many times with toyota keys when the local toyota dealer couldn't.
  5. Hi Conway It depends on how long you want to keep the 86. Red fades off to pink with age and some owners have complained about the pearl white absorbing water and causing rust. Full gloss paint is less likely to absorb water.
  6. Anyone interested in a meetup tonight or another saturday?
  7. Count me in so that makes 6! Anyone bringing remote control toy cars?
  8. Hi Mic . Check with the guys on the toymods forum , they rebuild a lot of barn find toyotas.
  9. How is the clutch/clutch fluid? and any chance of oil getting into the clutch when the oils were changed. My 97 hilux (338 000 kms) has a worn clutch and I have to keep in a low gear uphills when I have a big load on the tray.
  10. A common problem with the 2.4 hilux is the exhaust manifold cracking. Many see this as an opportunity to fit extractors and gain a small power increase. My 97 hilux has done 338 000 kms and is super reliable , so why change to less reliability with a different engine?
  11. Perfect weather - i will bring the 96 corolla along this time
  12. Yes! at McD Greenacre on Sat 25 night 7pm onwards? A lot has happened , my $50 1993 camry was totalled by an out of control 4wd and insurance paid $3013 , so i bought a 96 corolla that has nice csa wheels for $2000.