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  1. To be honest I'm unsure, My cousin mentioned something about Boss wheels.... No idea though. I use meguire's hot chrome wheel polish too ;)
  2. New member here, from Ballarat (victoria) and have a 2000 Avalon Grande :) Also owned an SX celica ;) Check out my post in "members rides" to have a look, theres also a post on another thread about my celica :)
  3. I noticed it blows when I thrash it a bit.... Usually happens when I go from city driving to highways etc. After the fuse blows the car runs very rough, feels like its going to stall (this is after a new fuse) My mechanic serviced it and it was running like a dream!! Fuse blows = back to rough. My friend suggested to leave it on accesory mode for 20 minutes for the ECU to reset itself.... Makes sense but is the ECU resetting when the fuse blows = back to factory setting and not running to the best potential? Ill give it a shot. Thanks for the positive feedback guys :)
  4. Thanks guys :) Haha I knew nothing about avalons till I came across one. I thought they were just another model of Camry. My mechanic asked if it was imported..... I guess hes more of a stereotypical commodore person. Anyway, I LOVE the build quality, the comfort and the power aswell! Obviously it doesent match with commodores and falcons but really... its quick off the line (on petrol..), goes hard when you need it and so on. Anyone know anything about why the lpg fuse near the battery would blow when I rev it too hard at times?
  5. Hey guys, Thought I'd finally sign up here and show my car off. I originally owned a 1988 Celica SX, but was put off the road. Wanting a classy car with a nice interior, I had a lexus in mind but none were really appealing or in my prince range. I had a look in Ballarats Cheapest Cars and found this up the front... Its a 2000 Avalon Grande, 330 000 k's For $5700 I thought it wasnt a bad deal, but I made him give me a $500 discount for registration. Described as "an old mans car with genuine k's" I did some searching and found it was owned by Denso Australia (Many of the parts are manufactured by Denso). It was sold in 2005 and an old man owned it till the month before I bought it. Ive driven commodores, falcons, magnas, many little cars and can I say this actually feels like I am driving a lexus!!! It is so smooth on the road, so much room in the back which makes it comfortable for passengers on long trips! So far I have: Added 18" chrome rims with new tyres Spent $3500 on an injected LPG system Added an Alpine head unit (removed factory and the cd stacker) Installed Rockford Fosgate Punch subwoofer. Put twin slope pipes on the back. All interior lights replaced with white LED's. Future: Window tint Rear white venetian blinds Lowered Swap healights to newer/brighter technology (Xenons??) Re-upholster front seats to newer leather. Issues: Rear wheels scrape due to heavy gas tank Leaking sunroof Fuse for LPG blows every month or so This is by far the best and most economical car I have driven, I didnt buy it based on looks, the test drive is what sold me. My friends questioned why I bought it, But now they love cruising in it. What are your thoughts?
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums WADEJAY :)