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  1. oh boy, I could not imagine what I would do if I caught someone in the act of doing.................its a scary thought really. Not worth putting it through insurance my claim excess was more than the repair.....and my detailer really looked after me on price.....dirt cheap......he felt real sorry for me!
  2. I always go to Forest Hill, will still be going but taking the wifes car from now, a beaten up VS commodore. Im just glad a re-spray was not called for, that would have completely have done my head in.
  3. Ok......Just an update, my detailer got it all out, bar half a centimetre right at the end of the scratch towards the rear of the car. He used the touch up I provided him and can hardly notice unless your really looking...............did a top job......thanks for the support guys. This was done at Forest Hill Chase and no there were no cameras, I made sure I checked all that out. But unfortunately I tend to park my car away a bit from the general carpark as to avoid doors opening on the cars and trollies.......... cant win!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your car kombi17......unfortunately there are low lifes everywhere.
  4. I am so ****** off at the moment, my car got keyed last night at a shopping centre, its the whole way up the drivers side front to back. The only good thing is that I have just brought the car to my detailer who reckons they have not gone deep enough to bare metal. Hes done a section and its come out thank God!!! So the car is booked in for him to fix only worry is that there may be sections that are too deep. What in the world possesses people in destroying peoples property????????? SCUMBAGS! I was parked correctly and all. So there was absolutely no reason for it.
  5. I was thinking of using the same stuff my detailer used to but there is no way in the world I am confident of using the polishing machine he was using, I think there is a particular art to handling one of those things
  6. Hi All, Thought I would post up some advice I recieved from having my exterior on my TRD professionally detailed last weekend. I had some major swirl marks from being lazy with my car and going through car washes and getting the local car wash boys doing my car over for the last year. 1. Dont go through car washes as the brushes contain a hell of a lot of dirt from previous cars that have been through it. 2. Same applies for the local car washes where up to 5 guys can attack your car with sponges and chamois that have been used on previous cars also. 3. Wash the car at home yourself using the two bucket method. 4. Where at all possible do a complete touchless wash if the car is just dusty. IE. Spray the car with car wash solution with a foam lance which I just invested in, not cheap but worth it, using my Karcher. Let sit for 10 min in shade then high pressure off. Sheet excess water off car. blow dry the car with air gun or garden blower, make sure the garden blower is only used for the car. These methods are great advice i recieved. You can also get away without using a chamois at all after a sponge wash just by using the blower.
  7. Yes, I always read these forums and I have used to detail my TRD. He is in Melbourne and is a fantastic operator. And also a great bloke to boot. I bought my car to him with heaps of fine scratches and swirls due to me being lazy and going through car washes. He does one car per day and does it properley. He is a pro detailer. Brought my last car elsewhere and they just put more swirls in. He treated my car like it was his own. I plan on going back to him every couple of years and is reasonably priced for the amount of work.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums Trdman :)

    1. Trdman


      Thanks mate, been reading posts on this forum for a while. Its great to be able to find information!