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  1. Finally got up to do some stuff on the Stout today, Its a black wire with yellow stripe which runs along the back firewall in the main bundle.
  2. Thanks for that, I found a burnt wire and was hopeing to find an original wiring diagram which gives the colours and where they go, Will have to do it the long way and track it back, I did get hold of a Toyopet (1963 ) manual but of course option and colours are different.
  3. Hi All Just wondering if anyone out there has a wiring diagram for a Toyota Stout, Preferably 68-75 RK101 Many Thanks
  4. Thanks for the response all. mick.wheelz that site is a great resource, have got the logo ready to use. Many Thanks
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone out there has an image of the old Toyota Teq Logo as I am wanting to print a small banner. Many Thanks
  6. Wow I may leave it the way it is as all the running around will be city based, Its good to know the best economy and Hp speeds. I will be curious to see what the economy is like as its one heavy vehicle. The friend that bought it back said he noticed the difference in weight from most of the other cars he has picked up. and after picking up the spare door....WOW she is one sold vehicle. 16" wheels is deffinately on the cards and at the most a diff change. I got a spare diff with is so I can start playing!
  7. Thanks CONROD, I know what you mean about screaming its head off, when the speedo only has 120kmh max on it. But any and all information is gratefully accepted as it all helps in making my own equivalents list. Thanks whysmee2, fortunately I am keeping it original but it was the first thing I noticed the for such a big ute there wasn't a lot of room in the engine bay, even compared to the Bellett ute (wasp) of which there is one with a Commodore V6 crammed in it. I appreciate all the info on equivalents . When I have compiled a reasonable list I will post it, hopefully it may be useful!
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone out there has a parts interchangeability list or even know of a few they can help me with. I gather there is some interchangeability with early Land Cruisers. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi All, I am new to the forum so decided ti introduce, myself and car. I have a 1975 Toyota Stout Tray Top I am actually an Isuzu Bellett enthusiast but saw a Toyota Stout at a local All Japan Day (I think the owner in a member) a year ago and thought it was a great looking ute, so when one came up I grabbed it. Now I am looking forward to finding out how parts are for them and interchangeability with other vehicles! Looking forward to seeing other members cars and projects!

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