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  1. Sorry Sportiv. Not a problem, theres lots of places here. Can you get me the TRD CAI or an induction kit for my X
  2. Thanks Guys I am based in Jhb. What kinda of stuff u looking for Silvabullit? Maybe u can get me the TRD CAI for X when u come down, if u don't mind
  3. I get that all the time. Especially the chicks
  4. Hey guys Just want to tell u dudes that this forum rocks. I am learnt tons from this forum. Keep up the excellent work. Heres a pic of my X
  5. Does any1 know where in the uk i can purchase a trd cai for the sportivo or any cheap places. is selling it at a ridiculous price of $300 plus without shippin Thanks
  6. Shalen-GP


    Pictures of RunX RSi
  7. Hey guys Does any1 know where on the airbox is the IAT (Inlet air temperate sensor) senor on the Sportivo Thanks
  8. Well, there is a considerable improvement low down and especially on Top-end. 63mm is 2.25' and i have removed the cat.
  9. Hi Guys My name is Shailen. I am from South Africa. I have a RunX RSi, same as your Sportivo. I cannot believe that the car is pushing 75kw on the wheels. Is that right? My RunX has a 63mm customised exhaust only and with my new ECU from toyota is pushing 101kw on the wheels at the reef altitude.