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  1. Not the best pics, but you get a rough understanding of height. I also had lows which were the only ones that were available at that time.
  2. The new part they put in is the solid pipe, would be pretty stupid to put back in a rubber one. They have parts in stock but they are for ones that come in leaking. They are waiting for parts from Japan
  3. I also had a set of the slide industries coilovers, i had a set of BCs before that which wernt too bad. The slides had decent spring rates so you can put bigger and wider wheels on with minimal scrubbing. Coilovers would be the way to go if you want to go low.
  4. If you get a set of vernier calipers, the measurement on the outside of the shoes is 189.7mm, set it to that and it should be pretty good
  5. the cable adjuster is located next to the park brake, you will need a 10mm spanner and a 10mm deep socket to adjust it
  6. Not really worth installing a panel filter, unless you get a short ram or a cold air intake, even then, there is next to no power gains but the intake noise sounds kinda good
  7. you should be good for the front, but you will scrub hard on the rear without "modifying" thingsI had 19x9.5 +37 all round and i had to make the rears fit
  8. did you lower it with lowered springs or coilovers?
  9. I had 19x9.5 +37 all round, if you lower your car you will need to roll guards. But the wheels will sit out of the guards if at stock height (due to no natural camber) I had to "modify" things to stop it from scrubbing at the height i was at. I had 245/35 tyres, if i did it again i would get a smaller tyre size
  10. You should've also got the spark plugs last service. Also the clunk would be from the parking paw coming off the park gear, if your handbrake is no good then some of the vehicle weight will be taken up by it.
  11. Nothing to worry about, there are cars that come into my work like this all the time. My Aurion was alot worse than this as it was pretty low :)
  12. :O how dare you. Hahaha :PThey are a superb car to drive
  13. yes, that is very excessive, if you do the job correct, it shouldnt need a wheel alignment(thats also a expensive wheel alignment, the place i work at charge $69 for a full W/A), as for the labour, it only takes not even 30 mins to do it so i don't know where they got that price from
  14. why did it cost so much? Surely they could'nt have charged $500 labour,,it only takes like half an hour to do it if that.
  15. Hope you guys never lower your cars lol The key is to angle it up the driveway, not go straight for it like i see most people do

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