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  1. Hi, Newby with a 2006 hilux 4x4 diesel. Looking to share views with like minded people and enjoy the forum. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi All, Newby with a weird problem. I have had a look through the forum but come up empty so will post issue. 06 dual cab 4x4 turbo diesel started making this wup wup wup noise and self diagnosed front wheel bearings. Anyhow $800 later with new bearings (hubs) the noise is back. Admittedly it went away for a day after the bearings where swapped but returned within a week and is as loud as before. It is road speed related and not engine speed. Guy who did wheel bearings cannot work out what is wrong. He's told me that it seems to be every 4th wheel turn (?) meaning it's not the tyres. Does not
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Phil Lewis :)

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