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  1. Can anyone comment on the quality of the Mars Performance tail lights? I would rather fork out the etxra money to get the OEM tail lights from the Sportivo if the Mars Performance ones aren't of quality.
  2. Can anyone comment on the quality of the mars tail lights? How do they compare to the ones imported from the Asian Hybrid?
  3. I prefer the Mars Performance tail lights, fairly price though. Mind you, OEM tail lights from the ZR6 are probably more expensive.
  4. I saw a few people with hybrid style tail lights on this forum. I wonder if they import them.
  5. Hey guys. Just registered on the forums here. I picked up my 2009 AT-X in Silver yesterday and want to do some minor cosmetic changes to it. I really like the look of the clear tail lights from the Camry Hybrid, just wondering if these will fit the 2009 AT-X, otherwise I may go with the tail lights from the ZR6.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Berlo :)