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  1. as you said it was too fatty as it is a concave design. it would have looked sweet if my ride was bagged but it's my daily and it poked out roughly by 5-10mm. the strut side didn't seem to be the problem. for once my common sense prevailed on my instinct and went 8x18 in front and 9x18 rear. i might lower the rear a bit more as i lowered the tire profile now.
  2. right now i'm rolling on oem rx8 wheels on my auris mk1 with no issues at all even while lowered but i'm fancying a change. would like to know if someone tried fitting 9.5 19 inch rims.
  3. thanks juvenile for the info. there aren't any prices on the site :( @ sonny boy: i know!
  4. what rims are these? also would like to see how much stretch would it have a 215 tire on 8.5 rims? any pics would be helpful.
  5. i was thinking of oem rx8 rims that's why i was asking. anyone tried them so i can have a better idea if they fit and if anyone had any issues with scrubbing?
  6. hi i would like to know if 18 x 8 +50 rims would fit on an 08 auris? any help is appreciated. thanks.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums dmv583 :)