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  1. Under normal circumstances I'd be able to test the theory however the missus was rear ended in our '06 model and we can't open the rear door. Looking at the covers in place the hard cover we have for our '98 model has hard disc section that covers the front of the wheel that is held in place with elastic straps that pass behind. Additional to this is the stainless steel section that wraps around the tread section and clamps in place. On our '06 model (i've never actually taken this one off) there is a section that is mounted behind the wheel and then a front section (visible in your pic) that covers the front and tread sections of the wheel. So. What you need to know is if the section that mounts behind the wheel will mount to the '95-'99 model. If it will fit, then there is just the security of the tire to consider. The early model covers had a key lock on the clamp where as the later models rely on the fact you need to open the rear door to access the release for the cover. Unfortunately since I can't open the rear door on my '06 model I can't take the cover off and check at this time. Apoligies for so many words and no conclusion, Glen.
  2. I'd suggest installing independant throttle bodies and using an aftermarket ecu. The stock injection systems for these are ancient technology and an aftermarket ecu will give you better tunability and the itb will still sound awsome like the side draughts. Glen.
  3. You'll need to search ebay regularly. Also parts for these older celicas still come up regularly on the toymods forum. Glen.
  4. Anyone experience high oil consuption in any other Ravs? About 12 months ago we purchased a 2006 2.4lt Rav4 as an eventual update for the 1998 and this one also seems to use alot of oil. The '06 model appears to be using almost 2lt oil every 5000km. I'm beginning to think the newer toyotas are a bit more fragile than the older engines. I've owned old celicas with 18r-c engines that had done 450,000km and used less oil than our Ravs. The '06 Rav has only clocked over 100,000km also which is worrying. Glen.
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else suffers from high oil consumption in their Rav4. I have a 1998 2ltr (3SFE) that has blown a little smoke on start up that i assume is worn vavle seals. The missus used to drive it to work in stop start traffic. About 18 months ago i noticed the oil level was low and had to add oil between services. It now needs about 1.5lts every 4000km. The car has done almost 175000km now. There are no external signs of leaks so it's all going in and blowing out the back. Do others see this amount of consumption in their 3sfe powered Ravs? Glen.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums GT1978 :)