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  1. Hi Guys My camry is coming up to the magical 300,000KM and was wanting to know what checks would i need to do for it to carry on to who knows. i have heard that it can go for another 150 thousand but wanted to be sure. I am looking at doing the work myself if i am able to , otherwise i would hand it to our local mechanic. The only work i have done to it is oil and filter, spark plugs , front brake pads and alternator change. it is the ACV40R series running the 2AZ-FE engine. any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi Tony no this isnt me. I purchased this vehicle and the issue was already there. i am trying to see if this can be easily replaced
  3. Hey Guys as of late, i have been noticing that when refueling my corolla, it pumps then stops and fuel spurts out of the fuel tank. I have read that it may be a canister issue? i was wondering if it is and easy fix? any information would be greatly appreciated
  4. Thanks campbeam. When i had changed it, you were right. I couldnt see the oil when checking it with the dipstick. ill be more mindful this time around when i change it next
  5. Hey guys Thank you for the information. It was definitely an overfill of oil 🤦🏾‍♂️ drained it and refilled. I will be using the correct oil on my next service when I'm back home. Appreciate the information and grateful for it! Thanks again and sorry for the late reply
  6. Hey Guys so i have just done a engine oil change with the camry that has done over 280,000kms. I went to the local auto store and got valvoline engine armour 15W-40 oil and a nulon engine oil flush with an oil filter. changed it but noticed that it needed more oil. topped it up and then drove around the block for 5 mins seemed ok. wife takes it to work and 5 mins later i get a call saying theres white smoke coming out from the exhaust and it was struggling with power. swapped cars and drove it back home under 40kms . have i done something wrong? ive parked it in the garage for now until i know what advice i can get from anyone in here before i make a call to the mechanic any information would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks guys for the information. i was getting a bit worried because i was used to just doing the front brake pads and encountered something different with the rear ones. i started to panic when there was only one bolt and i didnt know how to remove the caliper until i read hiro's comment about making sure the handbrake was up. i also purchased the toolpro brake piston wind back tool to help me push the caliper back in which was my first time doing. i appreciate the information given in here. saved me $100s and given me knowledge about doing things on my own . Thanks again guys
  8. Thanks for this! im just confused about the top pin/sleeve bit to remove as ive removed the lower bolt and am unable to swing the caliper up? Noob sorry
  9. Hi Guys i try and do my own maintenance on my low km corolla , but im stuck with the rear brake pads. i noticed that theres only 1 bolt on the rears as oppose to the front which have 2 and are easily removed. i am now stuck in how to remove the rear caliper to replace the brake pads. any chance someone has a link or advice? ive tried to look for information but none can relate to the 2000 version any information would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi guys I have a 2008 toyota camry with a aftermarket head unit installed. I am now looking at purchasing a stock head unit with at least bluetooth to install. Is there a factory unit from a later model that i will be able to use on the 08 model? Will i also be able to use the controls on the steering wheel? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  11. hi sportivo im interested in buying your cable just wondering weather it would fit into a stock stereo on a 2008 camry by any chance
  12. hi there would anyone have a copy of this manual still by any chance please?
  13. just wondering if anyone had any diagrams or pictures of installation as im interested in fiiting these to my 08 camry ateva
  14. thanks for that cee-lo im actually just going to replace the stock items and get at least something decent in there to play my ipod. Appreciate your help

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