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  1. Since its a new platform and most US sites mention a JBL option which Aussie delivered Camrys don't have, I thought I'd ask here. I know the Aurion platform pretty well (I've owned my prodigy for 6 years now) and know for a fact the speaker locations and driver sizes are different. So far I've been able to ascertain that rears are a 6" driver and the're a strong chance the fronts are a 6" split system. There's also provision for what looks like an 8" sub on the rear deck. Either way, I'll do a write up and provide ownership updates. There's not a lot of Aussie 70-series V6 Camry cont
  2. Cheap to own and maintain, reliable and the V6 is pretty decent for what it is!
  3. Hi All, I'm picking up my brand new V6 Camry SX with moonroof option in mid April but have already decided I need to upgrade the speakers. I could not see any posts around it so I ask the question: Has anyone upgraded the speakers on their new Camry? US websites are no good since they get the JBL option (wish we had it!). From the looks of the grills, i tipping they'd be 6" components in front and 6" full range in the rear doors I'm thinking Alpine R-Series splits up front and co-axial in rear doors. Any help/ideas are much appreciated 🙂
  4. Item: XV30 Camry Sportivo Steering wheel Location: South Eastern suburbs, Melbourne, Vic Website: N/A Item Condition: Flawless Reason for Selling: Cleaning out spare room, surplus to needs Price and Payment conditions: $50, cash on pick up or pay pal Any additional information: Flawless condition, never got around to using it Shipping: local Pick up or Postage at buyers expense Pictures: See attached pics Contact Details: PM on here *********************************** Item: XV40 Aurion King SL springs
  5. What a difference! Mine is nothing like your before pic, I still want mine replaced though haha did they say it would happen again or is the new dash made of something different?
  6. I think he was just wrecking an Aurion, not sure if he had any more. They go for $165 usually, I was lucky enough to get it for $85 including postage!
  7. It must be a black thing lol oh well.. I'll go for a white car next :)
  8. Hi All, I don’t know about other people, but over the years of owning my Aurion, I've found the clear coat flaking off over time. The worst spots are the side mirrors and on the handles. The handles I will look after once they get worse- its only barely noticeable. The left side mirror is shocking to say the least, basically, the top part, most of the clear coat is gone, after much searching on ebay, I've found a black replacement which is to be in good condition - Will fit it and post detailed pics. Just looking for your thoughts and ideas on the paint quality finish or am I just experiencing
  9. I've seen a few methods on YouTube and the like, but with my work schedule, I haven’t got much time to much time to myself as is plus this guy is providing a 3 year warranty so I'm assuming he's going to re-seal/re-coat the lenses. Will start a new thread and post before/after pics. If i think the result is worth it, ill pass on his contact details :)
  10. I should get amongst this, mines getting bad.. I've been dealing with a dealer in Melbourne’s South East for around ten years now, so hopefully they'll help me out..
  11. I'd like to do what you've done.. But right now im chasing a set of Presara wheels and some coil overs - Changing back to stock standard with a bit of lowering.. Right now I have a failry decent Boston Accoustics/Sound Stream audio system to be installed. Also possibly changing to an after market Alpine double din DVD/Nav system.. but the idea of a bmw e92 335i coupe is always on my mind lol
  12. Very nice! I like it! Those pannels in my car are getting worse over time! Have you got a write up on this or anything?
  13. I second that. I converted to HID low beams and foggies on sunday. Low beams are easy accessed from engine bay, foggies are easier from underneath- just remove the under pannels with a 10mm spanner or socket. I bought some T10 SMD 5050 LED parker globes on ebay, just waiting for those to be delivered. Also got a professional coming around to restore my headlight lenses - they're oxedised :(

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