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  1. Hi guys, I have a 3 speed auto celica which I recently bought a 5 Speed for, which everything came with it also bar the pedalbox. I was wondering if anyone on here either has one or knows someone who would have the correct pedalbox to fit in the car or even one from another early toyota which would work and you would know where/how to source one. If you know I would love to hear from you so shoot me a PM. Sorry about the poor construction of the question, I hope it makes enough sense, its been a long day for a friday haha Thanks Nick
  2. Ok, So I am in a state of desperate need of help by people on this forum. I have an RA40 celica which is factory optioned with a sunroof, and for those who know there are 2 plastic clips which tilt the weather shield up and down. one of these clips has broken off and now I cant use the sunroof and dont know how to fix it does anyone know how to fix is/ know what can be used to replace of who can make me a new one? ANy help would be hugely appreciated thanks really need this sorted out thanks in advance!! NIck
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums nicko1805 :)

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