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  1. looking good man! are you selling those rims? I saw a add on G**tree
  2. keep the plates on, I reckon :) 'mmMmm pie'
  3. minor update/s: DIY Restoration :D:D
  4. Hi mate, just wanted to share my past experience when it come to CAI. I too own a 4AGE Smallport and found that the best CAI for it is the stock airbox with ducting going through the bottom hole, into the guard.. Although before this is achieved, there is a big 'anti-drone' box in that near side guard that has to be removed. I've tried using a pod filter instead of the airbox (still with a cold air feed) and i feel as if it doesn't compare to stock, the only gains would have to be the 'Sound of Intake' lol. :) I hope this this helps, Good luck with you car
  5. just use upper systems cleaner.. your local mechanic should have it. :)
  6. Same here, good to meet some new members.. Was a bit of a ZRE/Aurion fest tonight... Oh yeah and one sexy GTi ;)Very good night indeed. Thanks for my new lights Thomas :D Oh cheers John, appreciate the flattery :D
  7. Nice to finally put a face to the cars on the forum :). Will defs come to future ones..
  8. I'll hold you to that ;) See you there! ^_^
  9. Kreezy and I should be dropping by! It would be good to meet everyone :)
  10. JRO11A Plates :D:D:D
  11. best thing to do is first measure the thickness of the rotors.. if possible, have them Machined and deGlaze pad surface or replace with softer compound.. sorry for the delay in reply.
  12. The pad compound may be to hard.. Therefore causing 'glazing' on the pad material and rotor face... Usually only happens under light breaking. Hope this helps :)
  13. ohhhh man i cracked my headlight protectors today.. RIP :(