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  1. You will find 15/40W in most brands are good...Castrol, Valvoline Nulon..etc. I Use these on both my 2001 Camry (V6) and 2005 Corolla. I usually change at 6 monthly intervals., regardless of kilometers driven....
  2. Well haven't I fallen behind the times...Thanks Tidy for that... Learn something everyday...Harry, follow his advice!! :)
  3. Most parts dealers, Supercheap, Auto barn, Repco have just what you are looking for. Google oil filter socket wrench. The one I use has an adjustable strap and fits on any 1/2 inch socket wrench. I have one I use on both my Corolla and Camry , any car really...Very Easy to use..
  4. Yes they do have a remote. I have the same model as yours and I thought I had lost mine. Got a replacement at one of those stalls found in shopping malls. Cost about $40 and comes with a set of instructions on how to program it for your car...After I did all that I found my "lost" remote. Left it on the counter in the Pro Shop :) So I now have an additional spare set. While I was at it I repeated the process for my 2001 Camry.. Hope this helps you...
  5. I have a 2005 Corolla Ascent. The fuse box you are looking for is located behind the glove box. Push the the sides of the glove box inwards and it will fall forward and the glove box can be eased out. The fuse box is located by looking UP inside the space that was occupied by the glove box. Took me ages to find it so that I could replace the fuse for the cigarette lighter/accessory socket..Hope this helps you...
  6. Have you checked the obvious, a broken or very loose fan belt??? It drives the alternator and power steering pump..This will cause all the problems you have listed...BTW has this been fixed??
  7. Topdog

    Interior light

    I have a 2001 Camry and I would think the same method would work. Using a small screw driver or small thin bladed tool you should be able to lever it out OK. The trick is it needs to be done from the correct side. Carefully insert the tool between the semi clear cover and the housing on the PASSENGER SIDE of the light fitting. It has to be done like this as the other end has a tag and slot which you don't want to break. It should just pop out.. When replacing the cover insert the tag into the slot FIRST, push up and you're home and hosed.. Just go carefully!!!
  8. Suggest you have good read through the OBDII thread in the Corolla/Sportivo section. There is a lot of good stuff in there on this subject, especially from the " Sucess I've got it working" section. I used the information to get mine working and I can tell you it's not easy, but it is doable. It works on both my 2001 Camry and 2005 Corolla. Toyota are very protective of their software. It may take a while for you to work it out, but it does work if you follow the steps. The best place to start is from "SUCESS I HAVE IT WORKING!!". That's where most of the info you want is.You will need the T
  9. Hi, I'm in Wanneroo, have a 2001 V6 Camry Conquest and a 2005 Corolla, both autos. Do most of my own work on both but as I get older it gets harder. A couple of places I would recommend are: General work: "Precise Suspension and Auto"(PSA) in Wangara. For transmissions: "Northside Transmissions", also in Wanagra. Don't know where you are but I hope that helps.
  10. My wife's Camry) remotes rubber button disintegrated recently and we replaced it with a piece of rubber band :) This is what we did. Remove the old rubber piece. Get a rubber band about an inch or so wide and roughly the same thickness as the existing button . Cut a piece, about an inch or so long (Bigger than the hole). Remove all traces of the old worn out piece from the remote. Cut the new piece of rubber band to the circular shape of the hole, make it bigger than the the hole in the remote( so it forms a bubble shape when you fit it) and then work it carefully into the hole. That's
  11. I did one on my 2001 Camry many years ago(still got it) but access to all the bolts on mine was no problem..That being said if I were you I woudn't worry about it. I assume the filter you are referring to is the small metal mesh type(??). To change it you will need to remove the pan and that is messy job in itself. You will need some sort of large recepticle to catch the fluid(which you have just replaced), a new pan gasket(these are not cheap) and when you are done, you will need to replace your fluid again... Myself, I would leave well enough alone. Actually when I did my filter I didn't rep
  12. The sockets can get corrosion in them...Makes them very hard to get out...
  13. Most likely the pump. If it is get it replaced new or refurbished...Don't try and get it repaired.
  14. Shouldn't need a scanner...Just bleed as normal, rear first and then the front...Just don't let the master cylinder go dry!!!
  15. I've got a 2005 model and it has never had the transmission fluid changed....As per Users Manual...80,000Ks on the clock.
  16. I have a 2005 Corolla Ascent which I bought in 2007, with 41000K on it, now at 81000K and I have never changed the transmision fluid. Quoted from Users manual: "Change automatic fluid as necessary. Generally it is necessary to change automatic transmission fluid only if it is driven under one or more of the special conditons listed in your "Warranty and Service Booklet"." These would be things like very dusty roads, extreme weather conditions etc. Also checked Haynes Service and Repair manual and it confirms the above, ie Toyota generally does not recommend changing ATF unless driven under e
  17. ABS is Anti Lock Braking system warning light. Users Manual says:"If indicator or alarm sounds , take to dealer. If brake sytem warning light come on, stop immediately and contact Toyota dealer". I have a 2005 model and I get no light/beep when starting. Get it Checked ASAP.
  18. Topdog

    Window tinting

    Should be no problem at all. It will not affect radio type signals at all..
  19. I found the gasket in the lid left a little bit to desire and the leak is most probably coming from there. My solution was to make a new one. Found the white sealing piece in glass bottle lids works pretty well. Make one from that. You may need to try a copule of times till you get it right..The actual leak is not a thing to worry too much about except if you think it looks messy and unsightly. Like I do.
  20. Had a similar problem in my 2001 V6 Camry. Rear bank rocker cover gasket..So I would guess it would be your rocker cover gasket and being onl a 4 cylinder engine it would be a hell of a lot easier getting to that than mine was...
  21. Google 1mz-fe free manual pdf.. Click on the RAV4 forum .Click on the link under the 5FE &1MZFE PDF Free heading and look for the eg2.pdf (1MZ-FE) file (26.2 Mb file/599 pages) ..
  22. Chances are pretty good that the leak is coming from the Rocker Cover Gasket on the rear cylinder bank( Fairly common for these motors) and is more of a messy nuisance than an impending engine failure. Therefore if I were in your position I would just leave it. Enjoy yor mobility scooter.

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