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  1. WTB 03 sportivo exhaust. Aftermarket high performance one. Not stock sounding
  2. So where would be the best place to find a bolt on cat back online? preferably stainless steel.. Cheers guys
  3. How the ****** do you make the Globe fit in where the stock one is without the damn spacer?!?! I'm at my wits end here about to drive my car off a cliff! HELP
  4. That would probably be an EGR valve. Effiing emissions. Where can I find a bolton cat back for a sportivo?
  5. Hey guys, just a question and I did search this so I appologise if its already on here, but can a Celica exhaust system fit on a corolla sportivo? Thanks guys!
  6. Awesome mod! ***** easy! Almost fixed my lift from 1st to 2nd problem :)
  7. It could be selector cables It does have a slight metalic klink noise in gear changes that can be heard with my windows down. What is the best oil to use? Cheers ^_^
  8. Not to ressurect a dead post too much. But where can I buy syncros? And how hard are they to replace? Cheers guys
  9. Try this one our buddy
  10. Also wtb wing tips for pre facelift 03 rolla sportivo. Black preferably. Cheers!
  11. Sorry for resurrecting the dead. But I wanna know what globe a pre facelift 03 rolla sportivo fog light takes? It appeared very uncertain in previous posts. And if replacing with HIDs. What wattage should I use? Cheers guys ;)
  12. Looking for some sportivo corolla coil overs to suit an 03 model. Also looking for some eyelids and a TRD styled front grille. Also after a CAI. Preferably an aluminium piped to pod filter Cheers